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Isn't it wonderful to watch your children grow up? Raising children to be independent humans happens pretty fast, like lightning. One time you change their diapers, and within no time, they are up and down, running or riding bicycles on their own.

Growing up involves learning and deciphering different emotions, navigating fears, and anticipating the future. It can be exciting but, at the same time, scary and challenging.

Nonetheless, as an adult, you can help your children go through this magical journey with the right idea using children’s books about growing up. They can help reinforce valuable lessons for physical, emotional, mental, intellectual, and societal growth. I have curated a compendium of such books in this article to help you get children’s growth right.

What Are Some Essential Growing Up Books For Children?

Harry Body, See, Jewel Nelson (2022)

If you fancy a magical, seek-and-find, enlightening book for kids between 2-5 years, this book has you covered. Harry Body, See is the story of a panda bear that converses with the air. Jewel excellently uses this delightful and unique concept to teach children about deep concepts of meditation and the love of Source. As Jewel teaches, meditation is one of the crucial skills children need to grow up with.

This book has decent twists and turns, and its pages are also humorous to help children encourage imagination and strengthen love. Jewel has established a liking with children by making them connect with their minds and bodies using guided breathing. The beautiful affirmations or “lovely exchanges” between the panda and the air will grow with your kid, and trust me, with every page you turn with your child you’ll be laughing together along the way.

Over the Moon, James Proimos (2020)

This is your go-to book if you love to bond with your kids over a good bedtime story. It is perfect for children between the ages of 3-5 years. Its adorable story shows how the family is the source of love regardless of blood or non-existent blood ties. Such an interesting lesson to teach your little ones.

Kids get to read about two wolves who see a baby floating down a river and decide to take her to their home for nurturing over the moon. When she is grown, the wolves know it is time to let her go into the world. Their motivation is the love they have for her.

This classic fairy tale's warm storyline and excellent humor will motivate kids to keep turning the pages. The storyline will also help promote the value of togetherness among children while helping them understand that families come in different forms.

Toy Boat, Randal de S'eve (2014)

Toy Boat is a fantastic child growing-up book filled with adventure suitable for readers between the ages of 1 and 4.

It narrates the story of a small boy who has a toy boat crafted from a yellow pencil, can, a cork, and some white cloth. Though the boy and the boat are joined at the hip, one day, the wind blows the toy boat into the lake. It is precarious that the boat will survive the lake’s fierce waves, a grumpy ferry, a jaunty schooner, and, to worsen matters, a roaring speed boat. But can it make it home to its buddy?

You will love the message behind this book about encouraging young ones to be creative, value friendships, and stay hopeful. The straightforward text and beautiful illustrations of boats in this book make it even more interesting for kids. The author has captured children's attention by painting the ocean blue, just like in real life, to introduce children to the sailing world.

You are New, Lucy Knisley (2019)

You are New is a fun book ideal for children between the ages of 4 and 6. It is delightful to make the perfect addition to any growing child’s book collection.

Lucy's unique research in this book adds meaning to the fantastic story as she introduces the world of napping, crying, playing, and cuddling to children using hilarious contexts. This way, they can be familiar with the different stages of growth and appreciate those who have helped them get to where they are in life.

You will love the honesty and undeniable sweetness this book helps readers connect with, especially if you read it with your young one(s). The message in this book is also vital for young ones to realize the transformative power of love. Its beautiful pictures and color variations will be highly pleasing for kids.

I Can Be Anything, Jerry Spinelli (2010)

I Can Be Anything is a riveting book with amusing lessons to exude confidence and fun times for little ones.

The author has captured the young ones' attention with excellent color and beautiful artwork to make them gush out in bliss. The message behind this book is illuminating to let kids know that they can become whatever they wish to be in the future. It is an imaginative joyride about dreams and hopes and a good reminder that life has many possibilities.

The book tells the story of a little child who envisions different and amazing things he could pursue when he is mature. He contemplates about paper plane folder, a baby soother, a snowball smoother, and a dog holder. If you want to introduce the concept of careers to your young ones as little as they are, then this is an excellent pick for you. It is ideal for children between 2-4 years old.

Small World, Ishta Mercurio (2019)

Small World is a good fit if you want to introduce your children to new ideas. It has deep knowledge and is perfect for a curious young mind.

Ishta tells the story of Nanda, who, after she is born, her entire world circles around her mother's arms. But as she grows up, she is exposed to a new world with cities, the countryside, snowflakes, friends, and different shapes and structures. Later on, Nanda's studies and curiosity make her strive to become an astronaut.

This is an inspiring story to encourage children on different levels. Kids between the ages of  4-8 years will benefit greatly from this book. It will show them that being little shouldn’t determine their ability to achieve big things. The insights about space exploration will also enlighten kids passionate about space.

The book is also a thought-provoking book for parents.

The Little Blue Cottage, Kelly Jordan (2020)

The Little Blue Cottage will be helpful if you want to help your children learn about vacation days and the importance of cherishing a favorite place.

Kelly has done an incredible job of carefully engaging young readers using beautiful pictures and relatable events in the storyline. Her language is also well-written to make the story easily digestible for children and sweep them away into harmonious and peaceful moments.

This book narrates the story of a girl who goes to a little blue cottage every year. The cottage and the girl become companions, and they spend time together through ugly and good times. They strengthen their connection during sunny days, tough stormy bad nights, and long days.

However, at some point, the cottage is left alone season after season, and the girl does not show up.

This book has an incredible message that change is inevitable and can happen to anyone at any time. It is a reminder for children to cherish the moments they share with themselves and others as they grow. Get this book for any child between the age of 4-8 years and impact their life early.

Three Squeezes, Jason Pratt (2020)

Three Squeezes is a remarkable book with multi-generational appeal for young readers within the age limit of 3-6 years. It has notable rhyming prose that will tenderly and gently touch young readers' hearts. They will also love the colorful illustrations and relatable events detailed in this book.

Jason has written this book to echo the critical message that we keep telling kids regarding having a sense of belonging. I feel this is a good choice, especially in today’s world, which can have young ones mixed up by different ideas and not feel like they belong.

In the book, you find a father and his son celebrating their tight bond through different stages. They have been together since the son’s babyhood, go to baseball games, and later celebrate the son’s graduation. This is a good wake-up call for parents to engage and connect with young ones as they grow actively.

The narrative of  ‘three squeezes'  used in the book is unique and signifies the warm embraces you can have with your kids for a special bond.

Final Thoughts on Growing Up Books For Children

There you have it. Your search for children's books about growing up is now over.  Any children’s growing up book on this list is a masterpiece to help you be actively involved in your child’s growth.

Whether you read the books with your kid(s) during bonding sessions or let them enjoy them independently, these books will be valuable. They are infused with a knack for humorous writing style, great messages, and moral lessons to teach children about different life issues. Grab any copy or copies and impact the young ones.

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