Humor and science fiction may seem like an unlikely pairing, but when done well, the combination can be out of this world. Whether it's poking fun at the absurdities of the future or adding a lighthearted touch to a heavy subject, a dash of humor can elevate a science fiction story to new heights.

You probably already know science fiction can go in a bunch of different directions. If you are a bit tired of the same classic warring scenario, how about some humor instead? Nothing beats the unusual mix of sci fi and humor in a book, whether you are looking for a good book to relax or a funny story to recommend.

With these thoughts in mind, here are some of the best humorous science fiction books for this year.

What Are The Best Science Fiction Books with Humor?

Alexandra Forever 2291 (Alexandra Forever 2291 Series), by D.W. Richards (2020)

Out of nowhere, a red dwarf system explodes and spreads all over the universe. It sounds like a deadly scenario, but no one knows if this is a star system or perhaps something else.

It all starts with a tragic scenario. A star system goes through the mix of time and space and heads towards the Milky Way. There is not much scientists can do, but warn the population, get ready for the impact and watch it all unveil…

But out of nowhere, scientists get an SOS transmission from an old starship that was lost ages ago. The Invictus is found again, stuck around the planet that orbits the red dwarf.

Alexandra ends up with the mission to recover The Invictus or at least the secret information stored on board before it gets into the wrong hands.

This is when the action gets a hint of funny happenings, and no matter how mysterious the mission is, it is packed with lots of humorous parts that can definitely ease the pressure.

This is a great sci-fi book with a touch of humor that any fan of the genre will appreciate.

The book is also available in a podcast like format on author's website.

The Great American Betrayal, by Scott Stein (2022)

One of the biggest American influencers is blackmailed by someone. With no clues whatsoever, a private investigator joins to solve the case.

Frank relies on Arjay, an unusual coffeebot, for his daily dose of coffee and a few clues every now and then.

Clues start popping up, and the two end up in a massive conspiracy. With one plot twist after the other, it becomes pretty clear that the influencer is targeted by more than just a random blackmailing criminal, but a large force that tries to do something.

Believe it or not, a cup of coffee from Arjay could be the hint Frank needs to solve this case.

All in all, this humorous science fiction book hooked me in with the mystery and convinced me to finish it with the humorous part.

No matter what part of it draws your attention, trust me, the fun adventure will keep you there until the last moment. And when I say there are plenty of plot twists, I actually mean it…

The Kaiju Preservation Society, by John Scalzi (2022)

This is one of those funny sci-fi books inspired from real life. It all starts with the coronavirus pandemic, which seems to target everyone around New York City. Meanwhile, Jamie gets along with his life.

He is a delivery driver for takeaway food, so he is stuck in the middle of action. One day, he delivers it to one of his old friends, Tom. Tom is now working for an animal rights business. With Jamie trying to get out of his job, he joins the venture and signs up for a job opportunity.

What Tom fails to tell Jamie is that these animals are not on the planet. They are part of a different dimension. They are like dinosaurs and run freely in a world where humans do not exist.

These are the largest animals roaming around the universe, and they are in danger.

While it looks like only the Kaiju Preservation Society found its way to this different dimension, there are more people who have found their way in. One thing leads to another, and millions of people are about to die if Jamie fails to complete his mission.

Stringers, by Chris Panatier (2022)

This is one of the perfect funny sci-fi books for a Sunday afternoon, packed with lots of action, plenty of humor, and a bit of romance as well, one of my perfect recommendations for a cocktail of adventure.

To keep it short, a genius is kidnapped by a bounty hunter. The kidnapper is just trying to find the location of an object, but this object is somewhere between a few dimensions. The problem is that the scientist cannot really remember this place…

Anyway, while Ben is hungry for information, he is not really a genius. He can come up with random facts from any field, but this is pretty much it. He also knows where the Chime is located, or at least he thought he did.

The word spreads quickly, and this knowledge gets him in trouble. An alien bounty hunter is trying to find him and get rid of him for the right price. Being able to tell random facts from all over the world is obviously not enough.

This is when the fun part begins, with Ben going through all sorts of adventures to prove his innocence and make his way out of danger.

House of Sky and Breath, by Sarah J. Mass (2022)

This is the second and sexiest installment in the series, but also the funniest one. I recommend going through the first part before reading it, only because I know you will regret it otherwise. Things simply make no sense if you start with this one.

Anyway, Bryce and Hunt might have saved their world, but they are not 100% sure of it. All they want is to chill down a little. They want to relax and have a good time in order to figure out what to do next.

The enemy population have kept their word, leaving the two alone. But with so many rebel groups trying to take over, it looks like no one trusts anyone anymore.

One thing leads to another, and Bryce, Hunt, and some of their friends are drawn into a conflict they have never wanted to be part of.

Now, their options are pretty clear…

They can shut up, mind their own business and let rebel groups get oppressed by the government. But they can also join the rebels and speak up for what is right…

And as you may notice in the first few chapters, they are really bad at keeping quiet.

This is when the action unveils in a captivating way that will not let you put the book down until you finish it.

The Last Watch, by J.S. Dewes (2021)

I have no idea where to start with this humorous science fiction book. There is a bit of Game of Thrones in it, as well as a bit of The Expanse and plenty of funny action.

The story begins with the edge of the universe. Somehow, it seems to collapse, and everyone around it will get lost forever.

The Sentinels can stop it, though, a group consisting of more categories of people. Basically, this is the military.

Back to where the action has started, Adequin tries to keep everything under control, but she has no resources at all. She only has a few soldiers, mostly outlaws, without too much experience. Basically, failed soldiers who could not make it to the military joined her forces.

Until one day, when she realizes that the worst of them could actually be her best option. Cavalon Mercer is an idiot with a terrible past, but somehow, all clues lead to him. He could be humanity's most important chance.

How to Mars, by David Harris Ebenbach (2021)

Six lucky scientists get a ticket to Mars. It is a one-way ticket. They are sent there to research the planet and make it inhabitable for the human race. It sounds like the perfect mission, quite interesting, and perhaps a dream for me too.

Hundreds of people tried to get there, but only a few managed to pass the selection process. Nothing made sense in the process…

Things become even funnier when they are constantly monitored, and everything they do is edited and sent back to the planet in an unusual reality show.

It turns out that no one can research forever. After a while, the scientists get sick of it. Affairs kick in, they end up arguing, and nothing seems to work anymore in a mix of funny, yet dramatic episodes.

One day, their equipment starts to fail. This is when they need to decide whether or not the next opportunity is worth their attention…

And this is where I will stop, only to avoid giving you any spoilers…

Blood Heir, by Ilona Andrews (2021)

You only need to read the first chapter to become obsessed with this story, trust me.

It all starts in Atlanta, one of the most dangerous cities in the country. There is magic everywhere, modern technologies, and ideas that could ruin the humankind. It feels like a slow but certain apocalypse. There are monsters everywhere, and every supernatural force wants to dominate…

Now, moving back in time a little, Julie left Atlanta to discover herself. She is back in the area with a new name, Aurelia, as well as new powers and strengths. She is ready to protect her family against the chaos, but she has no idea what to expect…

Having to face her enemy Kate and trying to solve a string of murders, Aurelia knows that everything will fall apart if her identity is discovered.

And just when you thought you could guess the ending, the only man she has ever loved kicks in to ruin everything… Indeed, there is always a plot twist waiting round the corner.

The Last Human, by Zack Jordan (2020)

This is one of the funniest reads you will have and probably one of the most detailed funny sci-fi books. The action jumps from one scenario to the other, leaving no time to settle down and chill… Trust me, this is not a sci fi book, but an adventure.

Sarya is a human and one of the worst beings in the galaxy. She does not really feel too bad about herself, as there is always something else to focus on or think about. For example, she keeps her identity secret, only to ensure aliens will never find out who she is.

Plus, there is always something to be worried about, such as her adoptive mother eviscerating neighbors…

You get the point, nothing makes sense, but everything changes one day, when Sarya becomes the captain of a stolen ship. Long story short, she ends up discovering things that could lead to the truth, a truth she has always looked for, but without knowing it.

This is a second chance for her, but also an extra chance for humanity. In her quest for the truth, Sarya will give you some of the funniest scenes and adventures in a sci fi book.

Interstellar Caveman, by Karl Beecher (2019)

If you think you can never find your place in the world, wait until you read Colin’s story.

He is an insurance agent, but he is also terminally ill. He wakes up after spending hundreds of years in a cryogenic freezing box. The world he knew is now gone. The Earth has been devastated. To make it even worth, he is not being chased by a killer tourist board…

And believe it or not, being able to calculate insurance dividends is not going to help him too much!

So, what led to this unusual event? Colin is a technophobe, but he was desperate to cure his illness. He ends up in a completely different world. Door handles are history. Toilets can talk. And out of nowhere, he finds someone who can understand him, Tyresa.

The odd couple will go through a series of adventures, with new goals and objectives cracking open on the way.

Final Thoughts on the best Humorous Science Fiction Novels

These are the best humorous science fiction books out there. Not only do they provide an immersive experience into an unusual world, but they also give you some excellent stories to think about.

Besides, these are the type of funny sci-fi books that can prove science fiction can be incredibly hilarious too.

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