An overactive creativity, plenty of imagination, and unexpected plot twists out of nowhere, that's pretty much how I could describe Lauren Asher. Known for her fast-paced action stories, she's one of the few authors who will manage to hook you up from the first chapter.

And trust me when I say that you'll be excited throughout the whole book, devouring one page after another. Lauren Asher is the type of author who knows how to trigger your emotions and bring in a bit of steam, just what I’m looking for in a relaxing book.

Who is Lauren Asher?

Lauren Asher is a writer with a vivid imagination, and she spends much of her free time reading and writing. Her goal is to travel to the places she writes about in her stories. Lauren loves to create characters that are flawed yet relatable, and her stories are fast-paced with plenty of angst, steam, and emotion. In addition to writing and reading, Lauren is also a big fan of Formula 1 racing.

In her downtime, Lauren enjoys watching YouTube, binging on old episodes of Parks and Rec, and searching Yelp for new restaurants to try out. She is most productive after her morning coffee and will never pass up an opportunity for a nap. She is also a very shy author since she have close to zero personal appearances except some rare opportunities.

She loves series, and unlike other authors, I think she does a pretty good job at keeping readers entertained, rather than feeling like she's dragging stories. With these thoughts in mind, here are my favorite and upcoming Lauren Asher books and what you can expect from their stories.

What are the top Lauren Asher Books?

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Love Redesigned (Lakefront Billionaires), by Lauren Asher (2023)

Julian is an attractive man but also the devil hidden behind a beautiful face. He's a rich brat with a few good business ideas. Dahlia, on the other hand, hates him. In fact, he's convinced that if he ever caught fire, she would most likely throw even more fuel on him.

One day, she returns to the small town of Lake Wisteria after a failed relationship, but she fully intends to avoid him. Knowing she’s back in town, he tries the same thing. After all, they've always been in a conflict, even when they were kids, and their families were friends.

But one day, he makes a serious proposal. He finds a beautiful historic house that needs renovation. He needs an interior designer, but he also knows that if Dahlia manages to find her creative spark, she’ll leave the town. It sounds like the perfect scenario.

The project will triple the profits, while his long-term frenemy will go away. The problem is things don’t always go as planned.

Final Offer (Dreamland Billionaires), by Lauren Asher (2023)

This is the final book in the Dreamland Billionaires series. Needless to say, it’s my favorite and brings in a top notch ending to a superlative series. It tells the story of Alana and Callahan. Now, let me give you a bit of background for each of them.

Callahan is one of the Kane brothers. Everyone's talking about him, but no one dares to say anything in front of him. He's well built, good looking, and rich. Everyone knows him, but no one really knows who he is. Except for Lana.

Now, moving on to Lana, she's his best childhood friend, and she knows pretty much everything about him. Now, she's in love with him, although he nearly broke her heart. The two never expected to meet again, but Callahan's grandfather passed away, so he's back in town.

He needs to sort the old lake house, but here comes the surprise. Lana claims to own the house as well. I won’t give you the ending, but trust me, it’s going to be amazing.

Terms and Conditions (Dreamland Billionaires), by Lauren Asher (2022)

The best part about the Dreamland Billionaires series is the fact that while there is a bit of connection between books, they’re not really related. Each book follows a different set of characters, so you can read whichever you want without feeling clueless.

I think this series got better and better with each release, which is the opposite of what normally happens. Anyway, let me get into it. This time, you have Declan and Iris. Declan is likely to inherit a media empire, but his grandfather’s inheritance clause kicks in.

Declan had to get married and get a child. Mission impossible! Until his assistant Iris decides she wants to help. In theory, the plan is simple. Move in, marry, get a baby, and set some rules, only to ensure there wouldn't be any issues at all.

There's one problem, though. Both of them start caring for each other, but they don’t want to break their rules either. After all, this is a business partnership. While it may look like you can guess the ending, get ready for a few plot twists on the way too.

The Fine Print (Dreamland Billionaires), by Lauren Asher (2021)

This is one of the first Lauren Asher books I’ve ever read. It’s also the book that got me into the Dreamland Billionaires series, as well as the release that convinced me about her skills and fast-paced writing style.

Rowan is one of the billionaire brothers of the series. His mission is to make dreams come true, from luxury hotels and theme parks to production companies. His biggest challenge is to renovate Dreamland, and he knows this could be the project of a lifetime.

He seeks help from Zahra, but hiring her wasn’t necessarily his best idea. She landed the job by mistake, after criticizing Dreamland in an honest review. All in all, one thing leads to another, and Rowan ends up kissing her.

Despite the attraction, Zahra is ready to prove that money can’t fix everything. And this is when the action begins. There's tension, but there's also attraction. He's a difficult boss, and she's an annoying employee, but somehow, it works.

Redeemed (Dirty Air Special Edition), by Lauren Asher (2021)

Although this is the fourth book in the Dirty Air series, it’s a standalone story that’s not connected to the others. Just like other Lauren Asher books, it tells the story from two different points of view. This time, you have Santiago and Chloe.

Santiago had the perfect life, but one mistake ruined everything for him. He was the most sought-after bachelor in town. Now, he’s just a shadow, a monster who no one wants to see. However, his life is about to take an unusual turn when Chloe breaks into his home and, well, his life.

Chloe was interested in finding her father, and all clues took her to Italy. But one bad decision brought her into Santiago's life. Now, the two are stuck in a fake relationship. Get ready for a few quirky adventures and plenty of humor, but only until things get steamy.

As we all know it, a fake relationship can’t be fake for too long.

Wrecked (Dirty Air Special Edition), by Lauren Asher (2020)

Jax is the type of man most women would avoid. Sure, he’s a good looking man, but at the end of the day, everything about him could be seen as a red flag. Literally, he has screaming problems. He likes adrenaline, alcohol, pills, you name it. If there’s something women dislike in men, he has it.

Jax has an addictive personality, but there’s a reason behind all these. He finds it impossible to deal with his pain without his dirty little helpers. However, he’s successful. And one day, his team hires Elena. She’s meant to help him fix his reputation.

Initially, she finds the job quite appealing. She's about to work for a Formula 1 team, and she's about to show off her PR skills. None of them expected this collaboration to turn into a war zone. She tries to find his weakness, while he struggles with his new addiction, her.

Collided (Dirty Air Special Edition), by Lauren Asher (2020)

I think it’s pretty obvious the author has a thing for Formula 1. After all, I can easily think of a few Lauren Asher books based on Formula 1 stories, and this is one of them. Liam is one of the golden stars in Formula 1, but no one really knows that he's actually a fraud.

He’s made to look seductive and devious, probably one of the best build characters in Lauren Asher’s books.

Then, you have Sophie. She’s definitely a fantasy, but her presence around Liam is likely to ruin his career. She’s not his friend, but his rival. And he knows he needs to resist her. Everyone knows they won’t do well together, but the tension is quite difficult to resist.

Although the concept is pretty similar to other books, I think this is by far the most intense book from Lauren Asher. Everything happens so fast that you just don't know what to pay attention to. It's very realistically written and, by far one of the best releases in her portfolio.

Throttled (Dirty Air Special Edition), by Lauren Asher (2020)

The first book in the Dirty Air series is one of the most intense ones too, mainly because of all the plot twists hitting out of nowhere. Noah is new to Formula 1. Everyone can see his talent, but he’s still young and has a lot to learn. He’s determined to do whatever it takes to be the first.

His approach is truly professional, well focused, and less likely to be distracted by anything. No one can go through to him. Now, Noah is also Maya's brother's teammate. Maya has a crush on him, but she knows it’s nearly impossible to get to him.

It’s not like Noah hasn’t noticed her, but his career is simply more important. In his eyes, she’s nothing but a random temptation. She wants love and fireworks, he wants to destroy everything, but release tension. It’s a destructive relationship, but if they play their cards right, it might actually work.

Best Quotes From Lauren Asher Books

Zahra’s it for me. I know it with everything in me, and my intuition has never been wrong before. There’s nothing in the world I’ll find more beautiful than her. Not the sun. Not the moon. Not even the entire galaxy compares to the light she radiates wherever she goes.

―Lauren Asher, The Fine Print

How about ten words then?” I laugh. “I’d like to see you try.” “I am falling in love with you, Iris Elizabeth Kane.

Lauren Asher, Terms and Conditions

I think we owe it to ourselves to unapologetically love who we are no matter what. Because if you don’t love yourself, then why do you expect anyone else to?

Lauren Asher, Redeemed

Final Thoughts on the best Lauren Asher Books

You’ll notice a bit of similarity in more Lauren Asher books. The idea is the same, two souls that hate each other, but with a very fine line between love and hate.

However, each story is unique, with its own action and plot twists. And the fast-paced effort makes everything even better.

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