I know what you’re thinking… Why would adults need pattern coloring books? We used to do that when we were toddlers, before we even knew how to read and write.

Well, believe it or not, these pattern coloring books actually have some benefits. They help you relax, unwind after a stressful experience or fall asleep.

They can put you into a meditative state, and improve motor skills and focus, but they will also relieve anxiety. Nonsense, I thought.

I’d rather watch a good movie or play some games on my mobile. But then I thought, why not?

So said, so done, I bought a book, grabbed a set of coloring pencils, and got to work, and wow! As childish as it may seem, this is one of the most relaxing things you can do as an adult.

Forget about devices, screens, distractions, and other common things. They won't help us relax, they are only there to induce more stress and anxiety.

How To Choose Your Pattern Coloring Book?

There are a few factors to consider when choosing a coloring book with patterns:

  1. Difficulty level: If you're a beginner, you may want to start with a coloring book that has simpler patterns. As you get more comfortable with coloring, you can move on to books with more complex patterns.
  2. Theme: Consider the themes that interest you. Do you like animals, nature scenes, mandalas, or something else? Choose a coloring book that has patterns that appeal to your interests.
  3. Quality of the book: Check the quality of the paper in the coloring book. You'll want a book with thick, high-quality paper that can handle various coloring mediums, such as markers, pens, and pencils.
  4. Preview the patterns: Many coloring books have preview images available online, so you can get a sense of the types of patterns that are included in the book. This can help you determine if the book is a good fit for you.
  5. Personal preference: Ultimately, the most important factor is your personal preference. Choose a coloring book that you enjoy and that provides a relaxing and enjoyable coloring experience.

All in all, if not sure where to begin, here are some of the best pattern coloring books I’ve tried lately. The list is in reverse chronological order.

What Are The Best Pattern Coloring Books?

Mellow Mushrooms & Funky Frogs – Color Your Way to a More Relaxing Day, by Fiddlemore Publishing (2024)

I flipped through this interesting coloring book recently, and it was like stepping into a fairy tale, just in black and white. The pages were full of mushrooms and frogs, arranged in patterns that took me back to the storybooks of my childhood. Not everyone is a fan of frogs, I know, but for those who are enchanted by the countless shades of green and the delicate designs that nature crafts, this book is a treasure.

The designs are printed on one side of the page to prevent markers from bleeding through and damaging the image on the other side. And the grayscale that's used sparingly here and there isn't about limiting where I can let my colors flow, it's more of a gentle suggestion, a helping hand in adding depth to the scenes. I believe the complexity of the patterns in this coloring book is suited for advanced colorists.

It’s been quite a comfort, this adult coloring book, allowing me to play with colors within the outlines of a forest that's waiting for its story to be colored by my hand. Exploring these 40 patterns will definitely help adults to find stress relief.

Flower Coloring Book, by Patrick Morton (2023)

Recently, I picked up the Flower Coloring Book for Adults and I must say, it's really impressive. It's filled with 200 patterns of traditional flowers, which is a refreshing change from some of the more abstract books out there.

The designs have the right amount of detail – not too intricate that you feel overwhelmed, but enough to give a satisfying coloring experience. I'm looking forward to spending some autumn-winter evenings with it. It seems like the perfect way to take a break from screens and enjoy some quality relax-time.

The paper quality is decent, and my markers haven't bled through when I tried it. For anyone looking for a new flower coloring book or just something to help them unwind, I'd recommend giving this one a shot.

Be A F*cking Badass, by Jay Lo (2023)

Be A F*cking Badass is an inspirational swear words coloring book designed to offer both relaxation and motivation through its edgy, sassy content. The book features 75 unique, motivational quotes and high-quality pages that are suitable for a variety of coloring tools, ensuring that the colors won't bleed through. Aimed at stress relief, the book combines the therapeutic benefits of coloring with punchy affirmations, making it an ideal relaxation companion.

The coloring book is not just about art; it also serves as a tool for self-discovery by increasing mindfulness, reducing stress, and improving focus. It incorporates mature themes, reflecting the real-life challenges and attitudes adults face, and is described as perfect for gifting for various occasions or simply as a pick-me-up.

With a tone that suggests life is too short for filters, Jay Lo's coloring book aims to attract those who believe coloring isn't just a children's activity but a form of fierce inspiration for grown ups as well.

Inspirational Coloring Book for Adults, by Virtue Rise Press (2023)

The Inspirational Coloring Book for Adults features 50 unique coloring pages with motivational quotes. Designed with single-sided pages and black backgrounds to prevent bleed-through, the book is suitable for all skill levels. Its large format offers an immersive creative escape.

This coloring book stands out for its positive impact on the heart and mind. Uplifting affirmations on each page turn coloring into a therapeutic journey, making it ideal for stress relief and inspiration.

Published by Virtue Rise Press, the book encourages artistic expression and fosters positivity. Its universal appeal makes it a great gift for friends, family, and teenagers.

101 Different Flowers, by Schwarz (2023)

This flower coloring book for adults offers a unique and enjoyable way to de-stress and unleash creativity, perfect for winding down after a busy day or as a casual leisure activity. This book features 101 distinctive flower designs, allowing for endless artistic exploration and relaxation, irrespective of your skill level.

Coloring can be a therapeutic activity that helps reduce anxiety, and it also offers an enjoyable group activity when shared with friends and family. A quiet evening with the coloring book and a comforting cup of tea can become a delightful personal ritual.

Whether as a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, this coloring book invites you to explore the natural world's beauty in an interactive and creative way.

Amazing Patterns Adult Coloring Book, by Mr. Hawk (2022)

This is one of my favorites. Indeed, you’ll find lots of books promising you the world, but this one truly stands out in the crowd if you want hours of fun and relaxation.

Most importantly, each design is unique. You won’t feel like doing the same thing over and over again in a repetitive manner, but each page brings in its own fun challenges.

I’m not really sure what makes it unique, it could be the different designs or perhaps the intricate styles, no idea, but it does work. Other than that, you’ll find large 8.5×11 inch pages, so you won’t need your glasses to complete patterns.

Then, the pages are single sided. You probably think it’s a waste of space, but you don’t want your colors to bleed through and ruin the next page. Overall, there are 160 pages.

I like to take my time, so I spend well over an hour on a page. With this idea in mind, the book will give you weeks of fun and relaxation if you stick to a page a day.

Coloring Book for Adults, by Sarah Jane Parker (2022)

Coloring Book for Adults brings in a wide variety of amazing patterns, and I'm not just saying it. There are lots of fantastic patterns to try your talent and dive into a world of relaxation and peace.

All designs are hand drawn from scratch, so you won’t find them anywhere else. They’re not even close to what you’ll find in other books, which is great for a change.

There are more than 50 pages waiting for you to explore your creativity. Attention to small details is amazing, and high quality can be observed in lines and angles. After all, most of the book is based on different models of mandalas.

Just like other pattern coloring books, this one comes with single sided pages to prevent color bleeding. Talking about design, you’ll appreciate the premium soft cover too. Basically, this book is excellent for yourself, but it makes a good gift as well.

Adult Coloring Book, by Cindy Elsharouni (2021)

This adult coloring book is mostly aimed at those who love animals. There are plenty of animals and similar patterns to enhance your creativity and relax in a colorful manner.

Each animal design is fairly simple to color up. Sure, it looks super intricate and sophisticated when you’re done, but the book has the primary role to relax you, rather than challenge you.

Get a few colors in and you’ll die to finish the page and see the final result. From close up animal portraits to full body designs, you’ll have a wide variety of options to try.

Furthermore, there are mandalas, garden designs, decorative art, and much more.

There are 60 beautiful illustrations, each of them on a single sided page.

It makes no difference if this is the first time you try pattern coloring books or you are an experienced user, the book is suitable for all skill levels. In fact, I think this was one of the first books I tried, one of the first titles to instill this passion for color books in me.

Intricate Patterns, by Jade Summer (2020)

Jade Summer is one of the top illustrators in this industry, and yes, she has released multiple books on different themes.

I’d say Intricate Patterns is a bit more challenging than others. Designs are more sophisticated, but don’t get me wrong, they’ll give you great vibes, even if you’re new to this. You just need to be a bit more careful and perhaps pay more attention.

Anyway, designs are extremely varied, and no matter what you pick, you'll end up in a state of focus and relaxation. You’ll find different styles. If you’re into such things, you’ll identify Arabesque, Persian and Baroque styles, among many others.

Each illustration has lots of different segments, helping you unleash your imagination and creativity at the same time. Each page is single sided.

With 50 different designs, you’ll have plenty of “work” for days or even weeks, trust me.

Plus, the book is suitable for all skill levels, despite looking more complicated. It makes an excellent gift as well.

100 Amazing Patterns, by Jade Summer (2019)

This is another masterpiece like I call these pattern coloring books. Therapy, fun, and relaxation at home, in the comfort of your bed or armchair, what else can you ask for?

Just like the title clearly mentions it, there are 100 different patterns. You'll struggle to find two similar patterns. Turn the page, and there will be a bunch of new ideas and challenges waiting for you.

From flowers and floral patterns to unique geometric shapes and animals, this book has pretty much everything. Apart from different designs, you also have different themes that will put you in a different mood each time.

If there is one general theme that I’ve observed all over, that’s the mandala theme. Most designs revolve around the mandala idea, which is quite exciting. Once you’re done, you’ll feel like taking pictures of your colorful work.

Bottom line, get ready for a relaxing experience, stunning illustrations, single sided pages to prevent color bleeding, and an excellent feel for all ages and skill levels. After all, you don’t need a degree to cover some pages in specific colors, do you?

Color Therapy for Adults, by James Manning (2019)

James Manning has released a hit with this pattern coloring book without even knowing it. It's simple, yet so sophisticated, with each page bringing in a completely different pattern.

Compared to other books, this one only has 40 beautiful pages. However, variety stands out. Take your time and spend an hour or two on each design. Enjoy the coloring, feel the relaxation, and you'll have a few weeks of daily therapy.

Pictures are one sided to prevent bleeding. They come in a black and white design, waiting for your colors to make them more lively.

In terms of size, each page has 8.5×11 inches, so it’s a bit larger than average. Finish it all and store it on your therapy shelf. It looks great, featuring a thick and heavy cover.

The paper is suitable for more types of colors. You can go for pens or pencils, but it will also take acrylic or felt tips pens.

Pattern and Design Coloring Book, by Jenean Morrison (2016)

This book stands out in the crowd because it wasn’t designed by a random illustrator or perhaps someone with a bit of experience. Instead, it comes from a top selling artist, so there’s obviously a different level of art you’re about to experience.

The book comes with 50 completely different designs. You’ll have floral patterns, geometric designs, animals, and even random abstract designs. I think these are my favorites… They look weird when empty, but amazing when done.

Spend a couple of hours on each design, and you'll benefit from a few weeks of therapy and relaxation.

The back of each page is blank to avoid color bleeding.

Furthermore, if you want your best design features or you simply want to get in touch with the author, feel free to check the book and connect over social media, where she shares ideas, new releases, and even fans' artwork.

Final words on Patter Coloring Books

Pattern coloring books represent a solid industry these days, as more and more adults understand their benefits. Whether you’re trying to relax or unwind or you simply want to improve your focus, the above mentioned titles will give you an unforgettable experience.

The list is obviously longer, and there are plenty of titles and authors out there, but these recommendations stand out in the crowd with their quality.

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