The past is a whisper of what could come; immerse yourself in prehistoric fiction to explore the possibilities.

A bit of prehistoric drama has never hurt anyone… After all, what can be more exciting than finding out about our beginnings? Our ancestors and the way they lived?

Primordial history is a concept with plenty of question marks. The modern man is still discovering interesting details about how people used to live back then, how they protected themselves from predators, and how they evolved to what we are today.

While real history can be boring at times, these prehistoric fiction books will put you in the right mood straight away with excellent story lines and appealing plot twists.

What Are Some Outstanding Prehistoric Fiction Books?

Tribe of the Accord, by Shaun Stone (2022)

Tribe of the Accord will take you back thousands of years ago and follows the story of Adira.

Adira is not the most social person out there. She lives in the wild, along with her father, Torion. Life is difficult for the two of them, but they manage to survive, not without a challenge though.

Her life is turned upside down one day, when an unknown tribe kidnaps her father. Known as the Ursa, the clan is now hunting Adira as well.

Trying to escape the aggressors, she ends up on unfamiliar terrains where she needs to put all her skills and knowledge to test.

Being alone is unbearable in the harsh unknown lands, so she joins a tribe and finds a few friends who promise to help her find her father.

The book builds up tension up to the point where the two clans must confront each other. Will Adira manage to rescue her father, or is her new tribe deemed to face destruction?

Wolf Brother, by Michelle Paver (2005)

This is the first book in the Chronicles of Ancient Darkness series and one of the best selling books set prehistoric times.

It sets the scenario for the upcoming releases and introduces the reader to the actual plot of the series.

The action takes place at a time when an aggressive force conjures a demon. Containing the demon was impossible for humankind, as it threatened to destroy everything.

It can only be held inside the body of a bear, and no one seems to stop it. Apart from one boy…

Torak was only 12 years old when he saw his father killed by the aggressive bear. Before passing away, his father asked him to promise something.

Frightened by what he saw and alone in the middle of nowhere, Torak must now find a way to bring the bear to the Mountain of the World Spirit.

No one knows where this mountain is, but it seems to be the only way to get rid of the demon.

This is when Torak’s adventure begins, in a world of spirits, hidden people, and wolves where anyone can be a friend or a foe.

The Mammoth Hunters, by Jean M. Auel (2010)

The third book in the Earth's Children series is by far the most exciting part of it, enhanced with vivid details, exquisite authenticity, and amazing storytelling skills. While reading the previous releases will help, it is not mandatory.

The story follows Ayla and her life along with the love of her life, Jondalar. After many years, she has managed to find the Others, a group with different customs and a unique language.

Being an extraordinary hunter and a good healer, she is immediately accepted into the group. Her adventure brings her to different hunting expeditions, but she also meets Ranec, who triggers feelings of jealousy in Jondalar.

Unsure about what is going on around her, Ayla misunderstands everyone’s behavior and slowly turns to Ranec.

She may not be aware of it right now, but sooner or later, she will have to make a decision…

This is not just one of those prehistoric fiction books filled with amazing adventures, but also an impressive love story.

Beyond the Sea of Ice, by William Sarabande (1987)

Specific details and an in depth description will make you feel like you are actually there, in the middle of the adventure.

Beyond the Sea of Ice is the first book in The First Americans series and makes an excellent introduction to further releases.

It takes you back to the first people on the planet, to the days when nature dominated everything. Then, it zooms into a warrior tribe exposed to a plethora of different disasters.

One of the group members stands out though… Torka is a young, ambitious hunter whose wife and child were killed by a mammoth.

He has no time to worry about them, as he is on a venture to save his tribe and lead it through a glacial tundra and numerous attacks and encounters from all directions.

The tribe must face the unknown and adapt in order to start a new life in a completely different place.

People of the Wolf, by Kathleen O’Neal Gear (2018)

Thousands of years ago, people found their way out of an ancient world and built a modern one. The story follows a bunch of people who dared to get into the unknown by crossing frozen lands to find a new continent.

The action takes place in what we know as Alaska today. It is a story about adventure, but also about vision and destiny. It is a story of courage and bravery and takes the reader to an extraordinary pursuit of a dream, the dream of a better life.

This is one of those prehistoric fiction books that will take you from your armchair and put you in the middle of a frozen land, ready to explore the surroundings with the main characters.

It is the first book in the North America’s Forgotten Past series.


These prehistoric fiction books can definitely fulfill your thirst for adventure. They can explore an idea that everyone is fascinated about, the idea of living at the beginning of humankind.

They put you right in the cradle of civilization and show you how the world has evolved, but in an adventurous novelistic way with plenty of intrigue and drama.

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