I fancy a good love story any day, anytime and a good read is not hard to get with Sarah Adams’ books. Ever since I discovered her, I have never gone back. I think she is a phenomenal writer with a skill that always leaves me smiling or even crying in the end. I have actually re-read most of her books.

Whenever I’m in a somber mood, I know which book of hers will leave me giggling and lighten my day. I believe in love, and Sarah surely knows how to give hope even to others. She has always exceeded my expectations when it comes to romance stories. Her novels always have a fantastic plot with a top-notch writing style. Really there is nothing to dislike about her books.

If you haven’t yet discovered her works and would like to familiarize yourself, I have compiled some of her books below.

What We Need To Know About Sarah Adams?

  • Sarah Adams was born and raised in Nashville, TN
  • Sunshine lover
  • She is a coffee addict (kindred spirit), and owns more mugs than I can ever imagine
  • Married (Chris was her older brother’s best friend), and mother of two (two daughters)
  • Dog owner (Golden Retriever)

…and she is a very talented romance writer, so let's dig into her best books:

What Are The Top Sarah Adams Books? (Ordered)

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The Rule Book, by Sarah Adams (April 2024)

The story picks up with Nora Mackenzie, a budding sports agent, whose career precariously depends on Derek Pender, a famous NFL tight end and her ex-boyfriend from college. The plot thickens as Derek, holding a grudge from their past, decides to make Nora's job a living hell as a form of playful revenge.

Both Nora and Derek are well-rounded characters with clear motivations and depth. Their past relationship and the lingering feelings they have for each other add a layer of complexity to the story. The chemistry between them is palpable, making their interactions engaging and the romantic tension authentic.

For anyone who enjoys a good second-chance romance with a blend of humor and heart, this book is definitely worth a read.

Practice Makes Perfect, by Sarah Adams (May 2023)

Florist Annie Walker is on a quest to find her perfect match, but after being called “unbelievably boring” by a date, she begins to doubt herself. Wondering if she can transform into the vivacious protagonist of her favorite romance films, she decides she needs a tutor in flirtation. Enter Will Griffin, a tattooed security expert in town to guard pop-star Amelia Rose, who is set to marry Annie's brother. Although Will initially wants to avoid any ties to the town and especially to Annie, he finds himself roped into helping her overhaul her love life.

As they engage in faux dates and playful lessons, the boundaries of their relationship become muddled. Annie starts to realize that her ideal love story might not be as picture-perfect as she thought, but instead, genuine and true.

I personally think this romance is a captivating delightful romance with unforgettable characters and impeccable storytelling elements that had me utterly enthralled.

When in Rome, by Sarah Adams (September 2022)

When in Rome is an entertaining, sweet novel that left me aching for more. It is opposites attract telltale. The pop star and a small-town baker plot is indeed one for the books. Sarah Adams delivers her magic in this story of Amelia Rose, also known as Rae Rose, who is adored by her pop fans. But she burned out due to forced public appearances and pressure from her manager. One night she is inspired by her favorite film Roman Holiday, by Audrey Hepburn, and decides to drive off to Rome for a break.

Unfortunately, her car breaks down in front of Noah Walkers' lawn. Noah is a pie shop owner who doesn’t have time for celebrity problems. Since the nearby bed and breakfast is full, he decides to let Amelia stay in his guest room only until her car is fixed. But Noah starts to admire her with a growing closeness to her irresistible beauty. Amelia is kindhearted, lonely, and funny.

Noah shows Amelia all the beautiful small-town experiences she has missed from her celebrity lifestyle. The grumpy side of Noah and his charming looks are irresistible to Amelia, and like the film Roman Holiday, the break eventually ends. But this won’t be for long.

The banter between these two is fascinating. Sarah Adams’ narration of the slow-burn chemistry between Amelia and Noah will have you biting your fist. The built-up sexual tension is also satisfying to read; how their opposite personalities complement each other had me hooked. This novel is spicy, and Sarah couldn't do a better job.

The Cheat Sheet, by Sarah Adams (April 2022)

The Cheat Sheet is a sensational and funny, challenging-to-put-down novel. It is one of Sarah Adams's most read books. She narrates the story of Bree, who is hopelessly romantically in love with her NFL long-time best friend, Nathan Donelson. He is extremely hot and hard to resist.

But Bree can’t give in to her feelings, for she better keeps their friendship than risk complicating everything. Unfortunately, her professional ballerina career ended after being involved in a car accident. She takes a new path of owning a dance studio, although a rent increase deems impossible for her to go on.

Nathan as a friend, helps her out and purchases the whole building. Bree being a stubborn one, is not delighted by the move. She ends up blurting her feelings for Nathan to a TMZ reporter over some tequila shots. That viral video becomes the talk of the town, and now the world thinks they are perfect for each other.

Before they talk about it, Nathan’s publicist proposes an opportunity that will help financial security for Bree. But there is a catch: they have to spend three weeks together and pretend to fall in love. Will Bree give in to her feelings and imagine Nathan enjoying their moments?

This kind of delight is what will make you want to find out how everything goes until the last chapter. But even better, this book is hilarious. It will highly appeal to you if you love a story of friends who become lovers.

The Temporary Roomie, by Sarah Adams (March 2021)

The Temporary Roomie is a hilarious sizzling closed-door comedy book that left me crying out of laughter. Sarah Adams is that good. In this book of literally playing nice with your greatest enemy, Drew Marshall lets Jessie move into his spare bedroom as her house undergoes renovation.

Jessie is set to make her life miserable after what he did to her- an ugly and fake relationship. She is not good at forgetting and forgiving mistakes, but she is determined to get the ground even. Due to their forced proximity and excellent pranks thrown at each other, they both start to see that they may have more than just games. How their relationship progressed left me snorting back my laughter.

This book is a perfect relationship of enemies turned into lovers following a vengeful ploy. It has funny characters and excellent scene descriptions without foul language. It will make you laugh-out loud and have you hooked with the characters’ sexual innuendo. I would recommend reading Sarah’s The Off Limits Rule (details in a bit) than picking up this one.

The Off Limits Rule, by Sarah Adams (December 2020)

The Off Limits Rule is a remarkable and well written book. It is the first entry of the It Happened in Nashville series. In this one, Lucy, a young single mother, moves in with her brother Ryan while trying to get her life back on track.

Forced out of despair, she goes to the lake, where she meets Cooper, her brother’s best friend. Cooper immediately takes a liking to her, even though there is a strict no dating Ryan sister rule. Cooper is flirty and not one who can commit to someone. But he can’t help the attraction he has toward Lucy. They have to find a way to tell Ryan about their relationship.

Their electric chemistry is melting; it's like love at first sight. Getting to know them will be a true delight. Sarah has written this book from a dual point of view, and these characters' amazing internal witty dialogue will make you love this book even more.

The Enemy, by Sarah Adams (August 2020)

The Enemy is a story of sassy and feisty June, who is entangled with the sexy and determined Ryan. This book is for you if you believe enemies deserve another chance. When these two lay their eyes on each other at their best friend’s wedding, the sparks come flying off.

Ryan and June have always been enemies, and June is firmly resolved on showing him how she doesn't care about him or the almost kiss Ryan dangled over her after graduation. June is now a successful bakery owner, and she must rub any pleasurable detail of her life in Ryan’s face. The only problem is that he has a gorgeous face. For June, Ryan’s interest is simply a continuation of the games they played back in high school. Or is he genuine?

Between their pranks, witty banter, and tender moments, this book is hard to put down. It will fill you with tears of laughter. The sizzling chemistry between June and Ryan is to die for. You will love the flirtatious scenes of winning June, and it will be interesting to see Ryan's determination to get his way into June's life.

The Match, by Sarah Adams (May 2020)

This story had me hooked from the beginning. The Match is a southern setting story without cringy accents and stereotypes. Evie, who has worked at Southern Service Paws for years, meets a single dad Jacob Broaden, a client, about matching his daughter with one of the service dogs. With their instant attraction, things don’t go well at first, especially at dinner, but then he admits his wrong and that he cares about Sam (Evie’s son?).

Evie is careful and spontaneous and thinks that Jake is way out of her league to have a relationship with him. After seeing a different side of him, while they work closely with his daughter, she starts to imagine a family with him. Jake, is attracted to Evie and looks at her with fiery eyes.

The drama with Evie’s family and Jake’s ex will make you enjoy this story even more and anticipate further details. Other characters like Joanna and her husband are also fun to read. I love how Sarah has taken enough time to familiarize us with Evie and Jake’s relationship and make it believable. I also enjoy how she uses well one-liners and quotes many food references. This is a yummy story, I must say.

Inspiring Quotes From Sarah Adams Books

Bree is everything I aspire to be, everything I love, everything I desire. She holds my heart, and, with all that I am, I hope she never gives it back.

― Sarah Adams, The Cheat Sheet

But the thing about quiet people is, we’re only quiet because our brains are so busy overthinking everything.

―Sarah Adams, Practice Makes Perfect

Your soul is my favorite in this entire world,

― Sarah Adams, The Cheat Sheet

Listen to me, darlin’, and remember this for the rest of your life: it’s always okay to go home. Anytime you feel uncomfortable or scared, never worry about what anyone else is going to think if you call your daddy and have him come get you. Your house is a safe place, and you love being there, and that’s something to be proud of, not embarrassed about.

― Sarah Adams, The Match

Final Thoughts on Sarah Adams Books

Sarah Adams writes her books excellently and adequately leaves your soul feeling yearning for a warm fuzzy hug. She has many books that demonstrate her exemplary talent in the field of a romance comedy. If you have been missing out on good love story reads, then any of her book titles above will leave you hopeful for love. I hope you will have as much fun reading them as I did.

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