Summer Dowell is a talented writer of women's fiction who has gained fame and become a beloved figure within the literary community, thanks in large part to the widespread success of her book Love From Scratch. Her heartwarming and humorous style has captivated readers with relatable characters in her books

Her skillful storytelling, clever use of humor, and ability to explore complex emotions with honesty and sensitivity have earned her a devoted following of fans who eagerly anticipate each new release from this rising star in the world of romantic fiction.

Meet Summer Dowell

Summer Dowell is a self-published author of romantic comedies who also works as a full-time mother of six children. She is known for writing romance books that incorporate humor and relatable situations. Dowell holds a bachelor's degree in Business Marketing from Brigham Young University and currently lives with her family in Southern California.

In the following section I collected some of the best novels of Summer Dowell in a reverse chronological order.

What are the Top Summer Dowell Books?

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On Schedule (The Wedding Business Book 3) (2022)

Avery is a simple woman who only wants her wedding planning business to succeed, with no interest in love and marriage for herself. She finds herself annoyed by an attractive photographer, Tyler, who seems to be getting under her skin, as well as an adorable stray puppy who wants to make her a dog mom. Despite her resistance, she can't help but be drawn to both of them.

Tyler, the photographer, is undeniably attracted to Avery with her big brown eyes and full soft lips. He can't help but take more pictures of her than necessary, but recognizes that Avery is feisty and fierce, like a tiger. As he wonders if there's more to Avery than what meets the eye, he finds himself increasingly drawn to her. This story is a laugh-out-loud, clean romance filled with sarcasm and swoons.

The Elle Project (The Holiday Romances Book 1) (2021)

The Elle Project is a romantic novel about Elle, who wants a peaceful Christmas vacation with her family but instead has to deal with her childhood crush, Oliver, who her family has invited.

Elle tries to avoid her family's matchmaking attempts and her attraction towards Oliver, while Oliver is struggling with his feelings for Elle.

The novel explores themes of family, love, and friendship as the two characters navigate their emotions towards each other. If you were to choose only one book to stand out this Christmas, it should be this book.

It's Just Business (The Wedding Business Book 2) (2021)

Haley Lane, disillusioned with love due to her mother's countless relationships, believes love doesn't exist. However, she begins questioning her beliefs when she keeps encountering a charming, volunteering man with a perfect smile. Just as her feelings start to develop, Haley discovers he's the one who took over her flower shop. Austin Ryder, known as one of the good guys, is determined to succeed, even if it means hurting the captivating stranger he keeps running into – unaware that it's Haley.

As Haley grapples with her feelings for Austin, she must decide whether to embrace her newfound emotions or seek revenge for her lost business. Ultimately, she has to determine if her feelings and their shared connection can transcend the cutthroat world of business. Will Haley choose love or vengeance in the end?

If It's Perfect (The Wedding Business Book 1) (2020)

Hope Fletcher, a driven and ambitious woman, has her life all planned out. She dreams of a thriving cake design business by 29, marrying the perfect man by 30, and settling into suburban life with kids and a dog by 34. But everything changes when she meets Dean, a charming man who adores children and will eventually learn to love dogs. Hope can't help but fall for him, and it seems like her plans are coming together flawlessly.

However, when Hope discovers the truth about Dean's past, her idealized image of him is put to the test. This clean, laugh-out-loud romantic comedy is filled with sarcasm and heartwarming moments. It takes readers on an entertaining journey as Hope's meticulously planned life faces unexpected challenges, forcing her to reevaluate her goals and embrace life's surprises.

A Temporary Engagement (The Fake Love Book 3) (2020)

Elena, a successful pharmacist, is confident in her single life but finds herself unable to refuse a favor for her best friend's brother-in-law, Mason. Agreeing to pretend to be engaged for one evening, she is surprised by Mason's charm and charisma, despite his current predicament. Mason, on the other hand, finds himself in a bind and seeks last-minute help, not expecting his rescuer to be so attractive and seemingly uninterested in him.

Their sham engagement, initially meant to last only one night, takes an unexpected turn as it begins to develop into something more. The two find themselves navigating uncharted territory as their fake relationship starts to feel increasingly real, leaving them to question their initial intentions and reassess their feelings for one another.

A Temporary Boyfriend (The Fake Love Book 2) (2020)

A Temporary Boyfriend follows the story of Type A Madison Hudson, who is close to securing her dream nutritionist position. She believes that having a boyfriend for a weekend event will help her impress her future boss, leading her to concoct a white lie about having a boyfriend.

Computer nerd Eric Ward, who typically avoids drama, agrees to pose as Madison's boyfriend for a night to help his sister's roommate. Little do they know, their temporary arrangement will result in an unexpected connection. This romantic tale explores the consequences of their white lie as it turns into something much deeper than they initially anticipated.

Love is an Art (2019)

Love is an Art, a standalon novel, is a clean, romantic comedy about Erin McCoy, a normally poised and confident woman who has a rough day when she accidentally spills paint on a stranger's car. Her day begins to turn around when her best friend drags her to an art class taught by the handsome Travis Hunter. Despite their initial conflict over the paint accident, Erin and Travis develop a relationship while pursuing their shared love for art.

The story is filled with humorous situations and a love-hate dynamic between the two main characters. I feel that this story is completely charming in a sense that Erin and Travis is more like a fitting pair than the whole story suggests.

Love From Scratch (Love From Scratch Book 1) (2018)

This book is a romantic comedy that follows Jenn Harvey, a young baker with big dreams who falls head over heels for Luke Bradley after an awkward first encounter. The only problem is that Luke is dating Jenn's best friend. As she grapples with her complicated love life, Jenn also struggles with her professional aspirations, dreaming of opening her own bakery and questioning if the risks are worth it.

Through a series of hilarious mishaps, Jenn discovers that neither love nor life requires a perfect recipe for success. Filled with laugh-out-loud moments and heartwarming scenes, Love From Scratch is a delightful rom-com that readers will find hard to put down.

Inspiring Quotes From Summer Dowell Books

Ugh, her words were like a curling iron, innocently trying to make me look beautiful while simultaneously singeing my forehead.

―Summer Dowell, It's Just Business

There was nothing like being woken up at 4 AM by your alarm clock. It was a habit I wouldn't wish on anyone. Such was the life of a baker.

―Summer Dowell, Love From Scratch

Final Thoughts on the best Summer Dowell Books

If you're a fan of romantic stories, be sure to check out Summer Dowell's collection of women's fiction.

Whether you're a newcomer to her work or a longtime fan, you'll find plenty to love in her series and collections. So why not start at the beginning and work your way through all of Dowell's books, rather than just picking up random releases in the middle?

With her skillful storytelling and relatable characters, you're sure to find yourself swept away by her charming and entertaining tales of love and laughter.

If you are into romantic stories check our favorite women's fiction books.

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