Weddings are supposed to be enjoyable moments for the engaged couple. But did you know it takes a whole lot to plan the perfect wedding of your dreams? I know this planning process can sometimes be overwhelming, so you need all the help you can get.

But planning a wedding doesn't have to be a hustle for you. Instead, it is supposed to be full of enjoyable memories.

When I was planning for my wedding, I came across helpful wedding planner books that made my arrangements a lot easier. Yes, there are other sources to help you out, like podcasts, articles, and hiring a professional planner, but books make it way easier since they are closer points of reference.

That is why I have compiled a list of books that you will find helpful with incredible tips, wedding planning on budget advice, DIY options, and worksheets to make your journey to successful wedding planning painless. So, without further ado, let's get right into it.

The Ultimate Wedding Planning Book for Couples on a Budget, by Eliza Abbott (2022)

All the headaches associated with planning a wedding will not plague you if you read this incredible book. Eliza has articulated what you need to know before the main event. She even goes to the extent of providing tips on saving money that you may use later for an investment or honeymoon.

If you are over your head about your wedding and are mainly concerned about your inadequate salary, that is, if it will accommodate the wedding of your dreams, worry no more. This book has got you covered.

Eliza outlines pointers that you need for planning your wedding and how you can enjoy it without being overwhelmed by the stress of it. You will appreciate how she considers the things to prioritize during the early stages of wedding planning.

You will also love the questionnaires enlisted in this book. They will help you choose the best wedding style to work with and a suitable one, depending on your budget.

Choosing the perfect venue is something that couples overlook or fail to get right. But this book still addresses the issue. It provides a list of questions you should discuss with your partner before settling and putting a deposit on the venue.

Eliza has also detailed some beautiful DIY options for preparing wedding invitations,décor, and flowers. She suggests getting help from friends and family, so they may feel included in the preparations. This can also save you a lot of bucks on the whole event. So, if you want your wedding to be elegant and a beautifully intimate event without straining your budget, this book is a must-have guide.

Wedding Hacks, by Maddie Eisenhart (2020)

If you are a perfectionist or your partner is, you must get hold of this book. It addresses malfunctions that may happen near the end of your wedding planning season to mess up your event. To avoid the same, Maddie suggests that you establish possible solutions to help you sort out issues that may arise, causing you panic attacks and stress instead of enjoying your day.

Some of these problems or challenges she sheds light on include wardrobe malfunction, seating chart disarrangement, missing photographer, and more—this book details what to do to avoid unnecessary drama on your wedding day. As you plan your big day, you will be aware of possible mishaps to prepare accordingly.

The book also suggests lower online prices for services and products. You will find top tips on dealing with difficult relatives who try to sabotage your day with demands. There is also plenty of advice on money-saving tips and different hacks that will help you during the entire planning process.

You will appreciate how Maddie uses an inclusive voice, kind language, and realistic ideas throughout this book and possibly relate to some previous wedding day experiences.

The Knot Ultimate Wedding, Planner and Organizer, by Editors of The Knot (2021)

The Knot website has been infamously known for helping couples rely on their guides to prepare for their dream wedding. And in this newly updated book, they have a lot more to offer. First, they have compiled a list of all planning tools that could be useful to your wedding plan. Call it a starter pack if you like.

The book provides detailed timelines and worksheets for scheduling and tracking wedding planning on a budget. You will enjoy how well the publisher has put together money-saving tips for different service providers- from music, whether to hire a band or DJ, to reception options to attires.

You will also appreciate that this book has tabbed dividers with attractive visual inspiration like different color photos. You can borrow ideas for centerpieces, table settings, and more.

This book also has a unique checklist to refer to when hiring vendors. The ideas given in this book are suitable for all kinds of marriages. They are non-biased and practical for traditional, multicultural, interfaith marriages, and more.

50 Things to Know About Planning Your Own Wedding, by Sarah Elizabeth Steele (2022)

This book is for you if you want to get the details behind the scenes of planning a wedding that strictly caters to any reasonable budget. Sarah emphasizes that even as you work on your plan, you must keep your wedding theme clear and coherent.

This book answers the most worrying questions for anyone planning to do a wedding. But most importantly, it encourages you to plan your wedding as per your terms. It will stir the desire to stay organized and take control of making your dream wedding a magical event.

From my experience, you experience great satisfaction when you plan your wedding. It gives you a sense of style and the satisfaction of achievement. This is not to say that hiring a wedding planner negatively gets in the way of your wedding. This book simply proves that planning your wedding can bring forth more positive outcomes. You won’t have to be charged for every tiny detail.

This book highlights tips on sticking to your suggested budget and tracking a particular timeline for things to get done before the wedding, like hiring catering and flower delivery. Before you put down this book, you will know the right pace to set your wedding up and running.

Let's Get Married!, by Plumeria Publishing (2022)

Have you been recently engaged to your fiancé and are wondering how you will pull together the perfect wedding with a typical budget? Do not fret! This book has the perfect guide and a beautiful wedding plan organizer you need to kick off the process.

You will love the realistic advice and some of the creative prompts with tips and wedding secrets that will stir your thinking to the endless possibilities of having a memorable wedding.

This book contains a step-by-step process of planning put down in small chunks. It has practical tips about how to manage your time fully. The fact that this book comes with a wedding planning budget you can utilize is something commendable.

You will also appreciate the worksheets that will enable you to have a creative flow of thoughts even as the day of your wedding draws close. Moreover, you will find incredible tips for non-traditional weddings and dealing with the emotional ups and downs of wedding planning.

This book has expense trackers to enable you to stick to your overall budget, details about ceremony structuring, and week-of and day-of checklists to tick before D-day.

The Budget- Savvy Wedding Planner & Organizer, by Jessica Bishop (2018)

If you are looking for a book that will help you not regret spending money wrongly after your wedding, this book is the right fit. Jessica is a decorated writer and has included the best wedding planning timelines, worksheets, questions to ask, and DIY options for any couple, regardless of their budget.

You will appreciate how this book breaks down wedding planner charts and provides advice for couples to help them monitor their wedding expenditure. Reading this book will open your eyes to knowing what kind of wedding fits into the regular budget.

The checklists in this book will also help you not to forget fundamental issues towards making your dream wedding perfect. Jessica has put together realistic and workable organizers to help you figure out what you want and need to accomplish at your wedding. From the catering to the dress, to the music, and so forth, she carefully guides you for the best possible outcome.

I love that this book helps you contemplate prioritizing essential issues and ways to organize things well as you plan your wedding. If you are looking forward to doing a wedding soon, this is a must-have guide.

Guide To Smart Wedding Planning, by Edna Dratch-Parker & Jeri Solomon (2022)

The hustle of planning a gorgeous wedding can be strenuous, and you need all the help you can get. In this book, Edna & Jeri coach you powerfully on the journey to a successful wedding through every decision. You will love the reassuring voice and their down-to-earth advice that will calm you if your wedding plan is making you nervous.

In this book, you and your partner will discover numerous lessons to keep your sanity for upcoming life events. You will learn more about navigating stressful relationships and also get tips on creating a vision of having a wedding aligned with each of your interests. This is something very vital that many people don’t get right, only to end up having one party feeling secluded and frustrated. Don’t be that partner who tries to outshine their fiancée during the planning unless you have been granted the full mandate of planning.

You will learn how to build a realistic and suitable budget for a beautiful wedding through this booking. You don't want to get carried away by the hype of a wedding and end up spending all your life savings. Edna & Jeri also share how to choose the best venue and the vendors to hire to make your wedding presentable.

Remember it is essential to stay present during the wedding and make the best memories out of it, and this book bears in mind how couples may get caught up with the planning and the pressure and forget to enjoy their day. So grab this book to enjoy the planning process and the big day.

Our Wedding Planner, by Alda Ellis (2021)

If you want to plan your special day in style, Alda has got you sorted in this book. This book is packed with preparation, inspiration, and celebratory tips for planning your dream wedding.

This guidebook expertly takes you through the entire process of planning a wedding that will remain stuck in your memories even after exchanging the vows. You will love its helpful features, including the 12 tabbed dividers that Alda gives to make referencing easier.

This book will be practical for you as it has pockets to keep the necessary paperwork, business cards, and swatches you may need as you plan the wedding. It also has a good amount of blank spaces that you can use to put down regularly forgotten appointments, thoughts, and notes for easier remembrance later on.

I particularly loved the verses and quotes in this book designed to prepare hearts for marriage. Alda has gone the extra mile and included tips to enjoy beautiful moments on the big day that you can cherish for a lifetime.

She gives an impressionable experience by disclosing instructions to set the mood, stick to the budget, find the venue, and make a guest list. This book shows beautifully illustrated color photos covering table settings, favors, and outstanding flowers. So, get your copy and enjoy the planning process.

Final Thoughts on Wedding Planner Books

I know there is no perfect wedding, but being close to one can't hurt anyone. So grab the wedding planner books on this list to make your dream of having the perfect wedding a reality. They will speak to your needs and help you plan a memory of a lifetime for both of you. Have fun while at it, and congratulations if you have an upcoming wedding.

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