Mia and Anthony and the Hidden Treasures Book 1

A personal message from the author:

I write on topics that are important to me; on core values that I hope would inspire, educate and enlighten my children, step-children and hopefully others.

Last year, I found a notebook that had been my mother’s. Having lost my parents while so young, I realized that I didn’t really know about my parents at all: what were their likes, dislikes, hopes, fears and even points of view on certain topics? Finding a few precious notes in my mother’s handwriting moved me deeply, and I decided to begin writing so that – in the event that something should happen to me, my children and even future grandchildren would be able to learn the life lessons I want to teach them.

— Joe Khoury

A Big Brave Heart tells the exciting story of what happens when twins, Mia and Anthony, dress up as superheroes for the day. The brother and sister think they are only play-acting but soon discover that they are real heroes, despite having all the fears and worries of typical young children.

The twins’ father presents the pair with a challenge. They have to do one brave thing a day and then write it up in their diaries…

This is the first book in the Ten Hidden Treasures series. Each book follows Anthony and Mia as they learn important values they will need to take to heart as they grow up. Whether it’s courage, kindness or the importance of family, the reader explores these concepts thru engaging stories set in the midst of a loving family environment. The tales avoid lecturing or preaching to the readers. Rather, these lovely stories make their ideas very real and accessible by placing them firmly in a world that young readers can relate to and can understand. By reading these enchanting tales with their parents, children will learn about important core values and will be keen to emulate their new friends, Mia and Anthony.

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