Did you ever imagined, that there is an identical person somewhere in the world, who looks exactly like you? Bizarre not?

Francois Brunelle wants to prove the theory, that everybody has a look-alike. He photographed many people who were complete strangers to each other.

Ok, maybe its true two persons with the same look, maybe similar habits too, but what is all about?

There is a theory that connects to reincarnation. Before we born into the body our soul separated its consciousness into two or many parts in order to get to know to his or herself as many ways as he or she can. Do not forget we are all connected in many ways separation is only the illusion of the material life. However there could be people who are a little bit closer to us 😉 Watch the images

0101-139-6 Morin Langloisx800 0301-102 Meines Stomphorst 45x800V 0301-104 Barois Berst 097x800V 0301-202-Donmar-Williams-Martine-Chase-049-800v 0301-207-Joshua Corrigan-Francisco Costela 020-800pxT Rudi Kistler and Maurus Oehmann