A Story of Hope and Grief Recovery for Young Souls

Soar Beyond the scars of your past!

Unbreakable Wings will guide you to become the hero in your life story. If you've had trauma or loss in your life (and who hasn't, Right?) This is the book for you! Research-based and Experience-based, it will give you Results. Coming from a Certified Coach in Crisis Prevention and a Teacher with Advanced Degrees in Emotional Conflict and Behavior Disorders. Trained to Help all Troubled Youth and Children, she will show you how:

  • To Move Forward in Your Life After any Trauma or Loss,
  • To Have Peace, Happiness, and Hope even after a Terrible Tragedy,
  • To Live in the Present and Look to a Happy Future,
  • Even with terrible traumatic experiences in your past, to find fulfillment in your future.

Mary has many years of experience helping children, youth, and adults overcome grief and trauma. She has been an educator, coach, mentor, and therapist, helping them to survive any conflicts they have experienced.

She experienced significant loss as a twelve-year-old, went through loneliness and despair, confusion and a lack of hope, as well as an illness that could have taken her life. This terrible illness has stolen many lives! She was one of the Lucky Ones. Find out how in this remarkable story.

From tragedy to triumph it’s your time to find solace, inspiration, and hope. 

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Excerpt from Unbreakable Wings © Copyright 2024 Mary Mack

About Me, Why I Wrote This Book, and What You Should Expect

I've dreamed of becoming a writer, but I didn't know if I could do it. I honestly had my doubts! After 30 years of experience helping children and young adults move past their grief, I decided to go for it.

As an educator, mentor, and therapist, I was often given seriously troubled children to educate and help. My wish for them was to survive any trauma they experienced and become free from the pain they had inside themselves. Note: Trauma and grief are used interchangeably in this book.

Within these pages, I acknowledge that your life is forever changed when you lose a loved one. The pain is debilitating, and you won't believe there is anything left that is good in your life. You may not believe me when I tell you there are ways you can look forward to life again, but that's precisely what I am telling you.

I want to help you see how to make it through the darkness. The way will not be easy, but you weren't put here so you could suffer endlessly. There are trials at times. I have a strong faith in God. You may not. This book is not about judging you or whether you have faith. All human beings are different and have different views.

I wrote this book to help you understand grief and move forward to a happier life, even while holding onto the grief. Sometimes, I do believe God puts trials in our lives for our good, but sometimes, they may happen, and there seems to be no explanation or answer as to why. I'm sure he knows why! I also believe he gave us Jesus, who will walk with us through anything.

You may think, “OK, so why did he have to give me this trial?” I can't give you that answer; I don't have his all-knowing mind.

I have asked this same question often. But I do know you have an amazing mind. Use it, and it will help.

Read Unbreakable Wings! This book is a work of nonfiction, the culmination of much research, including many scientific, psychological, and educational studies involving grief study. Of more importance, it is experience-based and includes a memoir of a troubled time in my life when grief and sickness were abundant.

I was 12 years old when I was exposed to overwhelming loss. I wish no one had to suffer in such a way. I want to help if you are suffering, and that's a big reason for writing this book. I may not know how you feel since I am not you! But I can tell you with confidence that I felt unspeakable despair.

In the pages of Unbreakable Wings, you will learn accurate and helpful ways to deal with deep despair. Find out how in this remarkable story. This data comes from some of the greatest minds specializing in grief study, as well as some good and honest people who have experienced the worst of this thing called grief.

Many of these great minds and many good people who have experienced profound grief differ in opinion. I have considered these opinions within these pages and worked through many in practice. I am confident you will learn to have happiness and hope even after a ‘tragedy or a severe loss.'

“It takes strength to make your way through grief, to grab hold of life and let it pull you forward.”

‘You are unique' … ‘You are courageous' … ‘You are smart.'

Go forward in peace. Be happy, Be You, and always

“Be the Hero of Your Own Life Story.”

If you need help, you will find it here. ~ ~ Mary M.

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