How Nutrition, Supplements, and Lifestyle Can Help You Unlock Your Genetic Superpowers

A personal note from the author:

My new book is about learning how to unlock your genetic superpowers! This book is an essential read for all who are looking to live longer and healthier lives by making your DNA work for you. It describes the necessary steps to help prevent or manage health conditions by activating or deactivating your DNA expressions through Nutrition, Practitioner-Grade Supplements, and Lifestyle recommendations. I consider this book to be of high value for everyone! My goal is to pass my knowledge and clinical experience of 22 years to the world, to be able to pay it forward.

This book is for all who are looking to live longer and healthier lives by making your DNA and genes work for you. It’s also for those who want to look younger by reversing their biological age. The book serves as a guide for those searching for the highest purity and quality Practitioner – Grade Supplements. It provides important information for those who are looking for the best diet or detox for their DNA and Genes. Understanding Genomics is easy to read and packed with fun facts.

–Dr. Marios Michael

The book is written in a clear, direct, and accessible style, which is a big help to the reader when trying to grasp an essentially difficult topic. The author's fascination with his field and the incredible speed with which it is evolving as new scientific discoveries are made, gives the book a quality that draws the reader into it and keeps him or her there. The book imparts knowledge, hope, and enthusiasm.

A basic breakdown of this book is as follows:

The 1st part of the book breaks down the science of genomics with the most up to date scientific information in a user-friendly language.

The 2nd part of the book provides information on how epigenetics, environment, exercise, nutrition, food and supplements can help you achieve your optimum health. Exposome or how your genes interact with your environment and prevention based on your genome and/or how to manage health conditions from a genomics perspective is also discussed in great detail.

The 3rd part of the book talks about the most common mutations in humans and how to manage them with genomics.

It also discusses how to achieve longevity, living to 100 and anti-aging recommendations based on your genome. The last chapter provides information about the future of Genomics and the possibility of bringing back extinct animals and perhaps the dead!

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