Based on a True Story

Can a culture, shaped by its belief, its traditions and mentality, destroy the love between two people?

Keff, a boy who comes from Africa, is different to the rest of the boys in his class. He writes love poems and poetic pieces for which he is constantly mocked by the others. But he finds hope in his belief that one day he will meet the love of his life and experience for the first time what love is. He comes to the bitter realisation that young people of the present have been corrupted and relationships and marriage are more and more losing their value. Despairing, in later years he drops down into the party and drugs scene.
In his darkest moment, full of depression and anguish, he happens to meet Aaliyah, a young Muslim woman who wears a headscarf. This encounter is to change his life completely.

But Aaliyah bears a terrible secret. . .


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