A “30 Days~30 Steps Journey to Total Healing”

A Woman’s Guided Reflections Shadow Workbook, Motivational Quotes, … Overcomer’s Diary

Journal Your Feelings

In this empowering 4-in-1 edition, discover a transformative path toward healing and self-love. Unveiling the Light Within invites you on a 30-day journey of guided reflections, shadow work, and self-discovery. As a woman, you’ll explore the depths of your emotions, find closure from past hurt and pain, and learn to embrace self-love.

This comprehensive workbook includes:

  1. Workbook Journal: A space to pour out your thoughts, feelings, and insights.
  2. Motivational Quotes: Inspirational nuggets to uplift your spirit along the way.
  3. Self-Healing Exercises: Practical tools to nurture your emotional well-being.
  4. Bonus: The “90 Days Overcomer’s Diary” for continued growth and resilience.

This Shadow Journal Workbook helps women make a conscious effort to focus on their total healing process during the following thirty days. They will explore their thoughts, feelings and goals every day with motivational qoutes, exercises and it also includes a 90 Day Overcomer's Diary to keep track of daily progress even after reading the book. In the Shadow Journal Workbook, women will find hidden gems inside of themselves through guided prompts. This book helps women heal from past hurts and pain. It helps women connect with the wellspring of strength that lies dormant within. Understand that healing isn’t about fixing what’s broken; it’s about reclaiming their power.

Embark on this transformative journey and unveil the light within—your path to healing awaits.

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