An inspirational true story about a woman's struggle with abuse and overcoming trauma through a journey of empowerment.

A personal message from the author:

It has been my experiences of childhood abuse that has shaped me as a person, first threatening to destroy me and then revealing a path to freedom and happiness that I thought I would never find. I explore this path in my book, hoping that it will also help others to find themselves the way in which I did, through travel, self-help and a determination to cast off my damaging past.

— Anu Verma

When childhood memories and events continue to haunt you, you may feel the best thing to do is to forget about it and move on – but is there a better way?

Facing the pain hurts, but hiding from it throughout adulthood is worse. Being a victim, it takes a great amount of strength and healing to break the pattern.

This inspiring and brutally honest memoir details the struggle for survival, and the search for healing and happiness.
Raised in abuse and navigating through consequences, a young, broken soul finds the strength to embark on a journey to reclaim her self-worth.

What kind of childhood is possible with sexual assault?
Is there a way to escape from hurt?
How do you shed the victim identity?

This gripping book details the life of a first-generation girl who went through hell. Born in England in 1980 with mixed Asian Indian ancestry, she narrates her story of hardship and resistance.

Dealing with deep traumas from sexual assault endured since the age of three, and the challenges of being a woman, this girl managed not to break.

Her inspiring journey is a life-long struggle to find self-worth on the ruins of self-esteem.

Brutally honest, shocking and riveting – this personal story is an example of a beautiful transformation from living in pain and the journey to happiness.


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