A father ventures to find out the roots of his adopted daughter

Voices beneath our waves is a high-paced fictional thriller that will give you an experience of reading a book as if you are watching a movie. The story is set up in India of the 1990s and gives a bird eye view of the life and times of people living in around The Juhu Beach in the city of Bombay.

Nestled in the quiet suburbs of western Bombay, Juhu is a quiet, serene and a beautiful beach that binds the surrounding communities, which is full of the rich and powerful houses of Bombay. From Business to Bollywood, it is a home of several diverse and vibrant communities that found solace in spending their time on the beach.

The story also touches upon the socially sensitive issue of female infanticide, and provides a preview into psyche of those that support or practice it. The author strikes a delicate balance in showing what can be construed as an extremely dark side of the society along with what is a pure and loving bond between a father and a daughter. Each plot in the story lands perfectly as you go through chapter after chapter into through a myriad of emotional over-turns woven intricately within each character.

Anna is an enterprising coconut seller and a loving father to Gutthi, a daughter he stumbled upon by chance. His desire to unite Gutthi with her biological parents leads him through a dangerous trail filled with deceit, betrayal and a murder mystery.

A personal message from the author:

I personally live on the Juhu Beach for the last 20 years where this story has been set up. It has always been my desire to write a story woven around this place. I have had a chance to know some of the most amazing people that live in this community and this book is an honest attempt to bring out a few flavors of that.

With this book, I have tried to create a unique experience for my readers – it is to provide a movie-like experience while reading. We are living in the times where a lot more people would turn on Netflix rather than pick a book to read. So it is imperative that authors create experiences with their writing that hooks on a reader just like they get hooked onto a movie. This book is on purpose kept only at about 80 pages, but is full of power packed moments and performances. It is keeping in mind a reader who would like to read for 3-5 hours on a lazy weekend for something that will entertain them.

— Dhaval Radia


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