Hell No To The Unknown!

A personal message from the author:

When I was writing this book I was honestly thinking to myself “What book would make a 17/18 year old Nova, want to read?” Because to be honest, I didn't read much in my teen years. I was more focused on FIFA Ultimate Team, binging anime, and getting rejected by girls I like.

I think the reason I never read books was because I didn't think there were books that related to me and what I was going through, which was obviously false. Plus I have the attention span of a baby squirrel. I could see myself in characters in anime's, manga's or TV Show's. For whatever reason I didn't think I could get that feeling of reliability through books. So when I wrote this book, I thought what elements would a younger me be looking for. A teen who felt like they didn't know where they were going in life, what path to take, which moves were the right ones. Is university the right move? Will girls ever like me? Will I ever be good enough?

This book is for anyone, not just teens, who ask themselves questions like this. My book doesn't have all the answers, but has a message to the readers: “You're not alone!”

— Nova Chimera

Welcome to the weirdest morning ever! Follow Spex, a seventeen-year-old boy with severe amnesia who wakes up in a strange new world filled with talking cats, witchdoctors, highly addictive slushies, and its very own criminal underworld. Throughout his journey, Spex desperately seeks the answer to his identity and a way of returning to his old life. In the course of this quest, he finds friendship, tangles with his personal demons, falls in love, gets involved in a gang war, and confronts his own mortality.

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