Exquisitely Sassy With Moments Of Hilarity

OhSoBoutique! Series Book 1

A personal message from the author:

A young women’s struggle to stand on her own two feet is exquisitely portrayed in Warpaint. An enchanting read for women of all ages.

— J.J. Maya

Described by a leading US Editor as a ‘Rollercoaster Romantic Comedy that is both heartbreaking and hilarious,' Warpaint will appeal to fans of Bridget Jones and Crazy Rich Asians.

‘When Scottish Makeup Artist Willow meets dashing New Yorker Rick and marries him after a whirlwind romance, her new life in NYC is far from the perfect fresh start she imagines.'

Stuck behind the cosmetics counter of her local Glasgow department store, and with no prospects of promotion, Willow Campbell’s life is going nowhere.

But Willow’s life takes a surprising twist when a mysterious yellow book falls into her hands. She follows its advice and takes a risk – allowing herself to be swept off her feet by dashing New Yorker Rick Delgado. Ignoring the warnings of her colleagues and flat mate, she heads off into the sunset with him…however when she gets to New York, his “Manhattan” loft turns out to be a bedsit in Queens and his ex-girlfriend Isabella appears to be in residence.

Scorned, Isabella alerts the authorities of a suspected ‘Green Card Wedding’, setting off a chain reaction with dramatic consequences…

Faced with the threat of deportation, and her marriage over before it had the chance to begin, will Willow find the courage to stay in New York City and make all her Makeup Artistry dreams come true?

Told in Willow’s smart, refreshingly honest voice, Warpaint explores the challenges of expat life through wry humour and the outrageous and outlandish fun of the makeup artistry world.


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