A Novel of Racy Love in the Heart of Africa

A personal message from the author:

Since early childhood reading and writing have been as natural to me as breathing so writing is something I have to do and getting this story out was a must. On that note, my experience as a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon, Africa where I built a primary school complex in an equatorial village surrounded by rain forest, inspired me to write this multicultural, literary love story. The fictional reality resonates with the personal and passionate and hums in the reader long after the heart wrenching end…

— Eric Madeen

Fall under the spell …“The light, filtered through canopy, had a cathedral glow….Vines, mosses, ferns, and orchids piggybacked on plants and trees, coating trunks with a furry green. A great hornbill, bulbous beaked and rainbow-colored, flapped in high forest, its giant wings wheezing as if prehistoric. Perched, it sang—a low susurrus like a humming …”

In this fiery tale set in steamy equatorial Africa, Peace Corps volunteer David Fields is on mission: to build a medical dispensary in a village where spells are cast on enemies and fear of a geek-shaman reigns. David seldom has his bearings – cultural or geographical – and must fight a cocktail of tropical maladies as well as social taboos as he throws himself into work. Until… he meets Assam. Captivated by her water drumming, her playing the stream as a drum, David is drawn to her early on and becomes the hunter captured by the game. And what a rollicking game of love it is – with a tension or excitement between them that never dissipates, … until the haunting end.

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