Sometimes problems can seem too big for us to manage. When that happens, it is very easy to say, “What can I do”? and wait for other people to solve problems, instead of trying to fix it ourselves. But sometimes, we can help, even if we are small and not very strong.

In this book, Polo the polar bear hasn’t seen his friend Pecko the penguin for some time. He is worrying because the ice is melting, and he doesn’t know what to do. So Pecko – a small but courageous penguin – sets off to cross the huge sea to go and visit his large cuddly friend and give him some comfort.

Join Pecko as he rescues a turtle from a fishing net, enlists the help of some dolphins, and asks the way to Polo’s house on his voyage of discovery. Pecko and Polo can do small things to save the planet – and so can you! If you can change “What can I do”? to “I can help”, you can also help to put things right, whether you do them all by yourself, or with some help from your friends!

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