Wendy is an orphan, living and learning at the Darling School for girls under the strict supervision of Headmistress Darling. Along with her regular studies, Wendy is forced to learn fencing, archery, rapelling, hand to hand combat, wilderness survival, and a variety of other things she is sure she will never need.

She yearns to be free of the school’s unrelenting control of her life, and finally gets her chance when Belle appears hovering outside her window, asking her to bring warriors and come back with her to Neverland to free Peter and the remaining faeries from the evil Queen who rules the land.

Wendy and her two friends go to Neverland and find a world in turmoil, with the capital of Nevinia warring for political power against Queen Magenta, whose family has ruled the land for generations. Pirates disrupt trade routes and create the third part of a power triumvirate that seeks to fill the void left behind by the Faerie Queens who originally created the world and then vanished.

To save Neverland Wendy has to teach the Lost Boys to fight, learn how to fly, rein in some of Peter's madder tendencies, unite the mermaids and pirates, and face down Queen Magenta in a sword duel.


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