1. What is the meaning of live?

During our life, we face this situation that we have no direction to go. We should find

The big philosophers and religious people tried to answer this question over the centuries.

Platon thought that the meaning of life is in attaining the highest form of knowledge.

Stoicism said the meaning of life is to free from suffering.

In the schools of Hinduism, the meaning of life is tied up in the concepts of karma (causal action), sansara (the cycle of birth and rebirth), and moksha (liberation).

In Tenrikyo (new religion), one is expected to live a Joyous Life by participating in practices that create happiness for oneself and others.

Most people think in the western countries, that we should achieve happiness in our life. The controversial thing in this concept is that happiness itself is a state, and more often comes from situations, where we did not expect it (a smile, a hug). However we set a bunch of goals, and we associate happiness with these goals.

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There are also people, who are saying this question is like “Why grass is green?”, we are existing because it just happened.

Anyway there is a lot of help and inspiration if we find some kind of meaning.

meaning of life

2. Who am I?

This question leads to many other question, Am I only body and blood? How do I have consciousness? Do I have a soul or we are just physical entities?

who am I

3. Is there such a thing Right or Wrong?

Does good or bad exists? Are there any universal goodness?


4. How time works?

Is time only an illusion? Is traveling time reality?


5. Does any higher entity (God) exists?

Who is God? Are we also divine beings?


6. What is consciousness?

Why we call us consciousness beings?


7. Do we have free will?

Everything we are doing is the result of our choices or everything is fully rational, even our ‘decisions'.