A personal message from the author:

After facing an extreme amount of burnout from working in the healthcare industry for over a decade, I sat down one night with my laptop and decided to let my creative juices flow. Although, I wasn't sure I actually had any left.

An avid reader with no formal education in creative writing, I was shocked at how much fun I had developing a relationship with my characters. Devoid of the need to write only objective findings (like at work), my brain relished the freedom. The end result is my first ever novel.

I hope you get as much enjoyment from reading it as I did from writing it!

— Jillian Wray

19 year old Priscilla Dixon’s life is about to be turned upside down when her mom marries Jack Bennett. Along with her new stepdad, comes his twenty-one-year old son, Conner. Conner Bennett has a troubled past that he is looking to escape with this new move and new family. Unfortunately, he didn’t count on being so attracted to his stepsister or her being so against the idea of being attracted to him. As he fights to change the parts of himself that he meant to leave behind, the summer unfolds into the fall semester. Conner’s past follows him to the present and threatens everything he is trying to become. As the lines between Conner and Priscilla blur, they can’t help but ask each other: what are you to me?

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