A Framework for Redefining Success and Achieving What Matters Most

A personal message from the author:

“After pushing myself hard to pursue the version of success that had been defined for me by others, I realized that comparing myself to the people around me and living my life by others’ rules was exhausting, frustrating, and causing a great deal of anxiety,” says Moriarty. “It was not fulfilling, I was not experiencing any internal calm, and, quite frankly, I was kind of dying inside from the grind. My experiences traveling, teaching and interacting with people from all over the world helped open my eyes and changed my path. It became clear to me that people from different cultures define success in very different ways. I’ve found that cultural conditioning warps what we pursue.”

“There is a process of peeling back the expectations of others and finding out what is really important to you so that you can go and pursue it,” adds Dr. Moriarty. “It took me about four years to figure out what wasn’t right for me, explain to others that I needed to change course, grieve what would never be, put all of that behind me, figure out what was right for me, and then go in the direction that I was really supposed to go in. Although it was not easy, I never felt more uncomfortable and more powerful than when I was letting go of what I had been taught to pursue in favor of creating my own definition of success and finding my own, new way to live my life. And it wasn’t until I got started that my life got really interesting.”

“My goal with What Game Are You Playing? is to relay the lessons I’ve learned to others, show them how to de-layer ourselves from people’s expectations, and reconstruct to move forward in a healthier and happier way.”

― Robin Moriarty

It's All a Game 

From the moment we are born, others' expectations shape our behaviors, choices, and definitions of success. We build our personal and professional lives around those expectations, and at some point, many of us wonder if we are on the right path. We my want to make changes, but it's difficult and we don't know how to start.

In What Game Are You Playing?, author Robin Moriarty, PhD shares her view on what being “successful” really looks like, and those views will be a surprise to many. According to Robin, life is a game, and it is up to each individual to determine just what kind of game they want to play. The author guides you through a process that shows you how to assess your current state and outlines the steps you need to take in order to achieve your new game and own version of success. The book enables you to–

  • Gain awareness of the way you want to live your life
  • Reframe success on your own terms
  • Map out what you will need to do to get there

Through a series of examples and exercises designed as a game, Robin helps you recognize–and then step away from–the expectations of others so you can define and pursue your own version of success in work and in life. Through this process of finding and designing their own games, you will no longer be a pawn in someone else's.

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