A personal message from the author:

The intention of this children's book is to offer a simple and effective method where children can let go of their worry and become free of negativity. The goal is to objectify the negative feeling so they can release it. This book will inspire children to be in touch with their own inner feelings and experiences. It will also encourage them to ask questions about the negative feelings they are experiencing and will empower them to free themselves from the feelings that do not serve them.

— Charlie Lumière

A great resource for any teacher or parent trying to help a child recognize and manage feelings of worry and anxiety! This book teaches children a cute and clever way to “erase” worry, but it also goes through unhelpful behaviors to avoid. It provides opportunities for great discussion as to why certain behaviors could actually make you more anxious. Even children typically reluctant to try calming strategies will be drawn in by the simple illustrations, bold colors and cute, relatable turtle.

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