Filipa Losada (Illustrator)

A Tale of Pluck, Courage, and Kindness

(Square Peg Storybooks)

Imagine you are all alone in a strange place and you are the only one like YOU. What will you do?
A tale of pluck told by ME, the Cat Meow. Once I was a kitten named Rupert Bartholomew Wiggleworth. I grew up to be THE Cat Meow with lots of good-lookin' smartness. Cats are totally awesome, especially me. Sometimes animals are nicer than people. Why? I have no idea. I am a cat.

My favorite human named Dilly came from another land. She fell from the sky, and I caught her. She now belongs to me. Dressed in ruffles and lace, Dilly was lost in a strange world with a strange race.

What will Dilly do?


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