The eye is the mirror of your soul, however if we speak to each other we tend to look barely into each other's eyes. A lot of great public speaker (like Les Brown, Tony Robinson or even Steve Jobs) are constantly looking in the eyes of their audience, in order to strengthen the message.
It works the same in case of everyday face to face communication, somehow the depth and energy of information changes if somebody looks in our eye during the talk. After this like of talk you filled with energy, and we feel empathy with our partner, and we get a little bit closer to each other.


Another phenomenon during our everyday life, when somebody irritating us, but this is a completely different story.
If we notice an irritating attribute in somebody, that make us to lose our temper, we can be sure, we meet a part of ourself we did not accepted in our life. If we are embarrassed that somebody is gossip or cavalier, maybe these properties could be located in a form in ourselves too. We find our weaknesses in others, they are our mirrors.
We like to change our friends our partner, but the truth that changing others it is almost impossible by ourselves, because changing a habit of our friends requires our friend's intention. If you want to change something in your environment, you have to start the change on yourself. In order to fix us, we should first find our weaknesses, that could be constant negativity, distrust in others, feeling poverty. We should be very honest with ourselves, if we deny our weaknesses, we could not understand them, why they emerged in the past. In a way other people (who are irritating us) help us during the discovery, we should clearly discribe the irritating part of them, and than no matter how hard is, we should accept it. Maybe you will need time, but you will know what is front of you. It is like small children's fears, that are frightening them as they are young, but if they face with their fears, darkness suddenly disappears. Children are really brave in this sense, they are the real heroes. so be a child and face with your fears.