A personal message from the author:

In 2012, I had an unusual experience. It was a vision; a kind of wide-awake dream that unfolded in real time–presenting me with a curious ‘what if’ question. It was more than just a random daydream, and several strange ‘coincidences’ eventually led me to wonder if there might be something more real about it than fantasy.
I was alone in my apartment in San Francisco. My 22-year-old daughter was living with me at the time–she was out somewhere, running around the city with her friends. I’m a person who easily enters altered states, and while sitting on my couch in the living room, I felt one of those states coming on. Since I was alone, with no pressing responsibilities–I allowed it to unfold.

I became aware of my surroundings in the vision; I was standing next to a tall building in the South of Market area of San Francisco–not too far from the Financial District. I came around a corner and suddenly found myself face-to-face with a strange-looking man. He was an attractive man with unusual silvery skin, and he began speaking to me. I felt as if he could read my mind because he addressed my thoughts even before I had said a word. He told me he was from another time–and he said that his unusual appearance was due to some sort of process that had been performed on him. Despite his appearance, I wondered what it might feel like to kiss a man like that; just a random thought, I guess. Although I said nothing, he spoke to my thought–warning me I would not enjoy the experience of kissing him because his skin was very cold. I asked him why he was here, and he showed me a shiny dark stone. He called it a ‘key’ and told me it was a crystal–which confused me because it didn’t look anything like a crystal. He said he came to warn us about an impending threat–a time when we might be faced with the possibility of losing our own humanity. When I asked him his name, he answered ‘Aroya’.

This story is about Abbie–a woman who met a time traveler on the streets of San Francisco. It is based on my vision–a jumping-off point for the story–but everything else is fictitious. Although there are parts that do indeed relate to my own personal ideas and extraordinary experiences–overall, it is purely a work of fiction. Therefore, I hope the reader will forgive any inaccuracies or unsupported theories related to time travel or anything else, chalking them up solely to the author’s creative interpretation.

Of course, this is also a romance; therefore, it is somewhat steamy at times–but mostly, it’s a story about Abbie and Aroya’s journey toward spiritual awareness, and their fight to save humanity.

I hope you enjoy my story.

— A.B. Raphaelle

The unwilling subject of a trans-human experiment in 2050, Aroya's only escape is time travel. Arriving in 2019 San Francisco, he meets Abbie.

Abbie Lite, a nurse at the Public Hospital, witnesses a murder but is terrified to come forward. Now, at the end of her rope, she seeks guidance from a Brazilian shaman. During her shamanic session, she experiences amazing visions that foretell events soon to come. In front of her favorite café, Abbie comes face to face with an unusual man who has silvery skin and the ability to read her thoughts. His name is Aroya.

Little does Abbie know that this unusual man will soon save her life. And thus, their adventures in time travel begin!

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