Who Am I? offers answers to anyone searching for a greater understanding of who we are and why we are here. And not only that, the uplifting, vibrational wisdom it contains, enables a true experience of the Self. Who Am I? is a refreshing read as it crosses all barriers. Not limited by any belief system, philosophy, religion, spirituality, or genre, it speaks to us all.

This book is not just another self-help book offering guidance, advice, or quick-fix tips for living. Who Am I? is alive with presence, purity, energy, truth and light. This beautiful, self-transforming gift has the power to awaken readers to feel the magic in their everyday existence, and realize that life is much more than it appears to be.

Who Am I? is also a love story depicting the lover in search of the Beloved, taking us on an illuminating and impassioned journey of Self-discovery. The search ends when Truth and Love shine from within and light the way back home to the Self, when in quietude, the Ultimate Reality that we are, that we have always been, and will always be, is revealed.

If readers absorb the knowledge and follow the suggested practices, slowly but surely, they will be liberated from who they once thought they were. And then, finally, with conviction, they will realize their true nature which is complete, immortal, infinite Presence and part of the one Reality we all share.

Who Am I? is written in a simple, light, and humorous style. While the content addresses some heavyweight, existential questions, it is intermingled with references to contemporary lifestyle and celebrities, to produce an easy-to-read, captivating book for all ages.

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