A Mermaid Romance

Mermaids of Cornwall Book 1

‘A love story as big as the ocean, secrets that are unravelled and a lot of excitement'

A lonely cottage sits peacefully by a secluded beach in Cornwall, England. Serenaded by the sea, and the beauty of the surrounding hillside.

Home to two sisters – Olivia and Rosie – with uncanny abilities.

One day, the unconscious body of a man washes up on the beach. Rosie discovers, while tending to him, that there is more to him than meets the eye.

The interjection of this stranger in the sisters’ sleepy lives leads them down a road latent with discovery.

How will the troika fare when they find themselves in a love triangle?

Olivia ran up the stairs to the bathroom, leaving Rosie behind. Rosie turned towards the stranger. She took him in — the pace of his breathing, his beautiful face set in the peace of sleep, the strength of his muscles straining through his smooth skin. She took a step towards him. Another. And another. Her heart was racing. Something unexplainable was pulsing, building up inside. Footsteps down the stairs broke Rosie’s trance.

“He awake?” Olivia asked. A towel wound around her body. She walked out of the living room, not waiting for an answer. Rosie walked towards the kitchen with halting steps. She looked at the stranger, and felt an urge to go sit by him.

Rosie watched Olivia get in the truck, and drive out the parking space. Rosie blew Olivia a kiss, and Olivia smiled. She made a mime, catching the kiss in her palm, and blowing it back to Rosie. Then the brown truck roared as Olivia stepped on the accelerator and it moved out in a mechanical gurgle.

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