A personal message from the author:

I wrote this book to help you identify the words in your life that hold you back and the words in your life that empower you. As you learn the words that empower you, you can utilize them as your own superpower to improve your life.

— A.S. Stephens

Words are Your Superpower is a helping hand in a world that shines a spotlight on negativity. For anyone battling their thoughts daily and ending their days with mental exhaustion.

Words are Your Superpower guides readers, in living as their authentic selves. Learn the strength of words and how the narrative we use mentally with ourselves and outwardly with others affects our lives. Receive help in identifying the words that you are battling and discover the ones that can act as superpowers in those battles. This book will help you unearth a plan to lead your best life with less negativity and a new, wonderful self-image.


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