Flores Isler has always loved to read which was her motivation to pursue a writing career. She authored more than thirty published romance pocketbooks and few horror/thriller stories under the pseudonym of Kathleen Guiller. She then became an advocate of self-empowerment, especially for women and this became her life purpose, so she shifted to writing inspirational books, which also opened the door for her to be a life coach. Isler describes herself as a simple person, who believes that life is happier if you live simpler.

In this book, Isler brings her wisdom to teach people and especially women how to unlock the real sources of empowerment. Once we embrace our flaws and believe in our inner beauty regardless of our outer appearances, we can begin to find the confidence and courage that help us have high self-esteem that will, as a result, lead us to live the life we desperately want. A happy, satisfied and contented life.

Isler makes the argument that our unique beauty is a gift to the world and can make it a better place to live in if we learn how to unleash the beauty within us and that’s when we believe in our beauty and act it out in our lives. As she writes, “Beauty is a state of the mind, not a state of the body.” Isler advises us to accept our flaws and limitations and use self-acceptance and the belief in being beautiful creatures, as a tool, to bloom and shine and be the best version of ourselves, that we all yearn for.

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