Our actions have causes. If we give somebody something either physical or psychological, than it would have definitely effect. It could empower or light up somebody, and we feel even better ourself.

Most of us are aware the behaviour of this phenomenon , however if the time comes, we just sigh and wondering, we have no energy for to do that step…

This is never ending circle, the smallest step is enough to take out us from the temporally down time and rise up. It's up to our decision. Small things could change the world, think just the example of wheel, it was a simple idea in the history with a simple implementation, and now it plays a huge role in the transportation.

Being kind with somebody is as a small thing, it does not matter how big surprise we give, the intention is the key.

Lifevest would like tell this story for us: you kindness will head back to You.

Source: Lifevest