A personal message from the author:

I created this book with a variety of different health and wellness techniques in an easy to read format so almost anyone could take better care of themselves. As a reference book, Zenergy brings the reader valuable information about mind, body and spirit health practices. Almost like a buffet, you choose what you want to learn each time.

— Ki Browning

Zenergize Your Mind-Body-Spirit! This comprehensive reference book provides the discovery tools of time tested, scientifically proven methods to help you traverse these challenging and changing times. Whether nutrition, meditation, yoga, self-discipline, emotional balance, spiritual development or understanding your Divine Life Purpose, you will find ways to stay balanced. Restore peace, joy and understanding to your life today!
Join Ki as she takes you on a journey of the Mind, Body and Spirit, empowering you through Zenergy Boosts, recipes, yoga poses and exercises to complete at your own pace. The path to wellness just got a little easier with Ki’s rich knowledge at your fingertips.

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