If you are the type who enjoys a bit of post-apocalyptic action, you should know that this genre can go in more directions. Practically, you can find some good post apocalyptic romance books, as well as thrillers, among many others. All in all, nothing is more romantic than love after the world seems to end, so here are some of the most exciting titles to hook you in.

Broken, by Imogen Keeper

The world has changed a lot. People know they are going to die, but this is different – they are going to die anytime soon. Total annihilation is just around the corner, and no one seems to have a solution for it, unfortunately.

Now, if you think about it, would you actually want to be among the survivors? Could you live without your loved ones? Would you have the strength to rebuild the world from scratch? When 99% of the population is about to die, the remaining 1% will most likely end up stressed, scared, and capable of unbelievable things.

Frankie does not care much and could get along with anything, regardless of what happens. Then, you have Yorke – he knows that if people are about to die, he will be the one making rules. They had no clue about each other before the apocalypse, but things are about to change.

Overall, the author introduced a really exciting plot in her first book.

Pestilence, by Laura Thalassa

There are four riders out there, and they spread death. Pestilence is one of them. The others are known as Death, Famine, and War. They spread very quickly, and they aim to destroy the whole world in a way that some people might have expected.

Pestilence arrives in Sara Burn’s town. Pretty much everyone is set to die. But Sara is not ready to give up on her friends and family. The horseman must be stopped at all costs. However, what Sara does not know is that Pestilence is immortal.

The horseman is upset now and takes Sara prisoner. He wants to make her suffer. But as she spends more time with him, she realizes that her feelings are about to change. Now, she could save the world if she tried hard enough, but that would mean giving love up.

Angelfall, by Susan Ee

The world is threatened by an apocalypse, and angelic creatures are getting ready to take it over. The world is no longer what it used to be – chaos and anarchy dominate it. At some point, these angels end up kidnapping a little girl. Her sister Penryn decides to try whatever she can to save her.

Penryn is ready for anything, and that could mean making deals with the evil angels. Then, you get to meet Raffe. He used to be a warrior, but he is spending his time on the street now. One thing leads to another, and one day, his life is saved by a teenage girl.

The two team up against the demonic angels, without really having a plan. They know they can only rely on each other. Hanging around California and aiming to reach San Francisco, they will do whatever they can to rescue Penryn’s sister. Will they manage to survive this battle?

Beyond the Night, by Colleen Gleason

Dr. Elliott Drake has access to some modern technologies. He ends up sleeping for 50 years, only to wake up in a completely different world. Cities are now ruins. Civilization is gone. Immortals hang around the streets and threaten to kill everyone. However, one of his powers allows him to heal anything, but it comes with a price.

Then, you meet Jade. She has managed to escape the immortals, and she knows the world will never be the same. The best thing she can do is seek revenge and do whatever it takes to cause some damage. She cannot trust anyone, until she meets Elliott, and the two realize they have a lot in common.

But no matter how handsome and charming he is, the doctor does have a few secrets. Should she open her heart to him? What if he is going to break it? All in all, the duo must come together in order to survive in this modern world. They have the desire, but they also need the will to survive – one of the best post apocalyptic romance books out there in terms of action.

Nightfall, by Ellen Connor

Jenna has learned to ignore her father. He is careless and does not seem very stable – instead, he keeps preaching about the apocalypse and an unavoidable end of the world. As crazy as his predictions seem to be, there are signs that they may actually be true. Surprisingly for her, he also has a plan to keep her safe as the end approaches.

No one really knows that Jenna’s father has saved Mason’s life – an ex-Marine from his past. Therefore, the old man relies on the soldier to keep her safe in a remote cabin in the middle of nowhere. Skilled and experienced, the man is ready for the end of the world, but Jenna still fails to believe him. Until one day, when everything collapses and mutant dogs show up and start wrecking everything around.

Five strangers show up one day, looking for shelter. Jenna ignores Mason and decides to rescue them. Everything they knew about their world is different now. In such times, the two will naturally bond and let their natural instincts kick in. They will learn to survive, but also to open their hearts to each other.

Praying for Rain, by B. B. Easton

This is one of the most intense post apocalyptic romance books out there and the first book in The Rain Trilogy. The apocalypse is not more than three days away. The action takes place in a small town from Georgia. Everyone has given up – abandoned homes, cars, and even people everywhere. Rainbow Williams is one of these people.

Rain is not really bothered about the end of the world. She knows it is inevitable. She knows she cannot avoid it. Therefore, she is waiting for it. She got used to the idea. She is in pain, and she knows that she only has to deal with it until the 23rd of April.

On the other hand, Wes Parker is a survivor. He is good looking and skilled – he is looking for shelter and some supplies. However, he also needs someone to help him out, and this is how he runs into Rain. Rain and Wes learn to survive together. They end up trusting each other, and they realize they can only succeed if they stick together – plus, their hearts open up as well.

Last Light, by Claire Kent

Everyone could see the world falling apart, but people imagined things could still be turned around. It all started about four years ago, and the process is almost over. The world is different now, and most people are dead. The story is told from the heroine's point of view. Her whole family is dead, and she is now forced to travel and find other survivors.

She needs to stay away from men, as they are more violent than ever. She will have to eat whatever she can find, but the good news is she has a partner in this whole adventure. She will have to trust Travis – by herself, she stands no chance at all.

Travis used to be that guy who can do anything. He used to fix her car too. However, he is not the friendliest person in the world. He is a bit gruff – not really the type people like. He is everything she has left, so she cannot afford to be picky about it. The two will have to learn to take care of each other. She knows she will be safe with him.

Insurgent, by Veronica Roth

A single choice can change everything – no doubts about it. It could help you fly, but it could also take you down. Each choice out there has some consequences. Tris Prior needs to focus on her fate – saving the ones around her. She deals with grief and sadness herself, but she knows that others need her more in their lives.

Tris has just been initiated, and a potential celebration has ended up in horror. A war has started, and everyone must pick a side. Her decisions could make the difference between life and death. She is discovering new things, meeting new people, and trying to find a way out of the mess. She knows she needs to embrace her destiny, but she has no idea what she is about to lose.

This is the second book in the Divergent series and by far the most exciting one. It might be better if you could start the series with the first one though, so you could get some background info first.


In the end, these are some of the most exciting post apocalyptic romance books out there. Experience what the end of the world would look like, but also find out how love and romance can change everything if you find the right person.​

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