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Deep Magic by Gillian St. Kevern

Oliver Evans spent his youth spinning one tall tale after another until it got him over his head in trouble. Returning as an adult to his grandmother's cottage in Aberdaron, Olly is determined to put his past behind him and settle down. But the misty Llŷn Peninsula hides dangerous secrets. Olly is torn between the Longing, a powerful force driving him away from the only home he has ever known, and the growing conviction that the merman prince of his childhood make-believe is real--and in desperate need of Olly's help.
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FAQs On Kindle Book Deals And Free Kindle Books

There are a couple of free Kindle books through which Amazon kindle books go on sale. So, which one should you choose? Are these books on sale still expensive? How to grab the right deal? In this post, you will find answers to such commonly asked questions.

Daily, hundreds of titles become available at deal or free rates in the Kindle Store. At times, a specific book is available at a discount only for a day or for a few days. However, the duration of discount usually does not go beyond a month. The prices of Kindle books on sale are likely to go down by 85 to 90%. Usually, a deal price ranges from $1.99 to $2.99, or even completely free.

Why some “Free Kindle books” are free exactly?

There are a couple of reasons why some Kindle books are available free of cost. The most common reason is the public domain. When a book is in this domain, the owner is the public. Therefore, there is more than one edition of a famous book title. Books published before 1923 in the US belong to the public domain, while those after 1922 also fall in this domain if copyrights have expired.

The second common reason is promotional purpose. Kindle Free Promotion is a great marketing tool for authors. A promotional title comes from someone who can charge for it legally but wish to promote first. For example, a publisher may give the first book for free with the hope of someone becoming ready to purchase other books in the series. Similarly, a publisher hopes that the readers of a free book may purchase other works of the same author.

A few authors simply prefer giving away some books for free, so they simply put their title into kindle book deals. For them, it is more important to make the book reach the readers than to make money.

Why the prices of Kindle books have increased? Why Kindle books are offered on sale?

One thing is clear that Amazon is not in the support of rising book prices. This is perhaps why it is offering several deals and free Kindle books. Still, it is wise to know why the prices of Kindle books have been rising. The main reason for this is the digital price being set by the publishers. Yes, Amazon is no longer the price setter.

This has resulted in an average hike of $5 per title. Several readers find it costly to pay anywhere between $15 and $22 for a book on Kindle. Fear is perhaps the main reason why publishers have hiked the prices. They are afraid that cheap ebooks will not allow new hardcovers to get sold.

Publishers rely on the latter sales to recover a big portion of their production costs. Thus, a new ebook has almost the same price as a hardcover and is usually costlier than a paperback.

Even a professionally-created ebook is likely to cost the same to design, write, edit, review, and promote. When you purchase a physical book, you pay for these services, not for the paper and pen.

Your local library is also shelling out more for ebooks due to agency pricing. Publishers have also recognized that the legal protection for ebooks is not as much as for physical books, as they are not products but services. This has increased the cost of ebooks tremendously.

From where can I get free Kindle books?

There are a couple of ways to get free Kindle books. First, you can open the Amazon website and access the Free Kindle Books option to look for free books. Alternatively, you can simply search for it on the Amazon website. In this section, you will see books organized into different categories.

Can I get free Kindle books only with Kindle Unlimtied subscription?

Not at all! There are Free Kindle books and there are books free with Kindle Unlimited. But these are different type of books. Free Kindle books are free for every Amazon visitor and it's true that you can find more free Kindle books using Kindle Unlimited or Amazon Prime subscription.

Kindle Unlimited allows renting a maximum of 10 books a month without any due dates. Although there is a monthly subscription cost, you can go with a 30-day free trial to get started. The Amazon Prime subscription provides access to the Prime Reading section where new books are added almost daily. As a Prime member, you get access to hundreds of free book options, which are available online as well as on the Kindle device. Further, signing up for the Amazon's newsletter, First Reads, gives you exclusive access to novel titles even before they are published.

How to get free Kindle books on my Kindle device?

On your Kindle device, ensure that the screen is unlocked and open the store via shopping cart. On the homepage itself, you will find the Prime Reading and Kindle Unlimited options along with the Deals category. The Deals page gives access to Kindle ebook deals, as books are categorized into exclusive, daily, and monthly deals.

Alternatively, you can simply scroll up to our “Free Kindle Books” section, find your next free book, click on it which will redirect to the purchase page of Amazon. Checkout the book for free and delivery it to your Kindle device or read it instantly in your browser with cloud reader.

How does Kindle Unlimited function?

Publishers opt for adding their books to Kindle Unlimited once listed on Amazon. In the library of downloadable Kindle Unlimited, there are more than a million titles, several audiobooks, and famous magazines to read.

Once subscribed for a monthly fee of $9.99 or taken a free trial, Kindle Unlimited functions like a normal shop of books. When you feel like going through a Kindle Unlimited book, you just add it to your account and sent it to your devices with a single click. The only difference is that you do not have to pay per book.

Just as you do not own songs you hear on Spotify or movies you see on Netflix; you do not own books read via Kindle Unlimited. You simply borrow them and read them after which you may delete them from your account.

Kindle Unlimited is ideal for keen readers who enjoy reading a new book per week. Reading at least three to four per month is essential if you want it to be worth the monthly fee. Providing at least 80% of the top 100 bestsellers, Kindle Unlimited is for you if you are a fan of independent authors.

Will I find ebooks of big publishers on Kindle Unlimited?

Most likely not, you can't download titles from famous publishers! Initially, the lack of publications from big publishers such as MacMillan, HarperCollins, and Hachette was the big drawback of Kindle Unlimited. Unfortunately, even today, this sustains! Still, you will not find books of Nora Roberts, Stephen King, and Janet Evanovich. Thus, before you subscribe, it is essential to ensure that Kindle Unlimited has the titles of your choice.

Why hot new bestsellers are not seen in free Kindle books section?

It is true that the bestsellers from big publishers are not seen in any of the Kindle book deals section. This is perhaps because best sellers have quite a different launch strategy, and for them it isn't beneficial to offer these new titles for free on Amazon.

What you can presume is that if any book comes from a famous publisher such as Simon & Schuster and is made available at $15, there is a little chance for its rate to drop to $2.99. Thus, these bestsellers are hardly chosen for Kindle deals or free Kindle books.

The deal’s psychology is working here: By giving a book at a discounted price, the customers are lured to explore the store to buy books. Now, if the top seller becomes available at a competitive rate, you as a customer will just buy it and will leave the store instead of buying more.

Are Amazon Kindle books on sale useful when there are no top sellers from big publications?

Yes, especially for those who tend to read different new books regularly. For someone who purchases many books per month, just one or two bestsellers will not do. These readers are willing to explore new titles from new writers even if there is a risk of not liking them. Still, purchasing a book at $1.99 is affordable for exploring new works.

In case you are an occasional reader, Kindle deals are less likely to be the most vital way to expand your Kindle collection. In that case, you should opt for titles that truly motivate or allure you. Still, be wise and do not allow the price to govern you what to read.

Is Kindle First a great deal to grab an ebook at a reduced price?

Yes, but only if you are a keen reader. Kindle First is among the least popular Kindle deals but it is the only medium to get access to Kindle Store books before others can get. 

The Amazon editors choose some books for this deal through which you can pick any book for $1.99. The best part of such a deal is that you get access to the selected books prior to their formal release dates.

However, not any Amazon customer can access Kindle First. To access it, it is essential to subscribe to the Kindle First newsletter. After doing so, you can buy a Kindle First title at a discounted rate. At the beginning of each month, you get an e-mail revealing the newly released books.

The Kindle First deals are most beneficial for Amazon Prime members. This is because as a Prime member, you do not pay $1.99 for the chosen book; you get it for free.

What are Kindle Countdown Deals?

Kindle Countdown Deals refers to the biggest directory of the currently Kindle book deals. The directory shows thousands of books as per the time of the year. Usually, more books become available at less rates when Christmas is near.

All books are exclusive to Amazon, meaning you will not find them on any other platform. More precisely, the authors sell these titles using the self-publishing platform from Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). In simple words, these deals are from the self-published authors, not from the Amazon editors.

The mechanism of sale through countdown deals is different from other deals. The information page of the book that is a part of the Kindle Book Deals boasts a countdown timer showing the time left for the price to shoot up. Typically, the rise in the price happens slowly. Initially, the price is $0.99 after which it is increased to $1.99 in the next few days, then to $2.99, and then to its actual point.

Should I go for monthly deals or countdown deals?

It depends on what your priority is. The books offered through the Countdown Deals are not that appealing as those provided by the monthly deals. Obviously, there is a reason.

Through the Countdown Deals, authors try to promote their books and collect reviews and ratings for gaining a higher Kindle bestseller rank. You will hardly find books with several reviews here although the ratings are good. So, if you want a title with more reviews, titles in countdown deals may not appeal to you.

For how long do the ebook deals remain?

Well, the minimum duration is 24 hours. This is because the Amazon daily deals section provides access to numerous ebooks that are available daily at discounted rates.

Free Kindle books are listed for maximum 5 days as part of Free Book Promotion in KDP. Kindle Countdown Deals ($0.99-2.99) last for maximum 7 days. If you have a Kindle book in KDP you can enroll your book in such a promotions in every 3 months.

Which is more desirable: Kindle Daily Deals or Kindle Monthly Deals?

Kindle book deals could be separated into longer term deals like Kindle Monthly Deals or shorter Kindle Daily Deals, which usually last for 1-7 days.

Unlike Kindle Daily Deals where you go through the offers daily, the offers through Kindle Monthly Deals are valid throughout the month. This means that you need not purchase the book on the same day with the fear of the price increasing or book unavailable on sale the next day.

For the monthly deals, the number of featured titles ranges from 100 to 3,000. However, November is when this sale number is usually the highest. If there are over 500 books in the monthly sale, the page shows its bestseller list. This is useful if you wish to look for the best title quickly.

As you get enough time to buy a discounted book, the monthly offers seem to be more favorable. Otherwise, the daily free Kindle books are alluring and preferable, especially by those who read new titles each week.