163+ Real Book Influencers From Instagram, Youtube, Goodreads & Tiktok

163+ Real Book Influencers From Instagram, Youtube, Goodreads & Tiktok

Authors have hard time finding the right book influencers, who actually love to read new books and available.

On this page, we collected book lovers who are willing to read new books. Most influencers mainly on Instagram aren't open for new authors, and they review only books that (1) are already popular, (2) have famous author or (3) their publisher spent chillion dollars for marketing.

Our influencers do review new books mainly on Amazon or Goodreads, if they request any fees they will be only for their time, not for the final rating they give. Sometimes they post images about the book on their social media (like Instagram, Tiktok or Youtube channel) or their blog. We tried to avoid highly popular influencers who have their own wish list of books and not open for new ones.

What you will find in this article?

  • How to reach out a book influencer?
  • Information about Amazon's Policy connected to reviews
  • The book influencer list
  • How to select the best influencers from the list?

How to reach out a book influencer?

  1. Be clear with your intention
  2. Remember, book influencers may receive 10-100 requests per day, so be polite and patient
  3. Be short, don't expect them to read your full book's blurb
  4. Be informative, “I have a newly released book” doesn't give any information

An example short message, that you may send via

Dear XY,

I'm reaching you out to consider reviewing my new [YA fantasy] book released [this year].
[Book's title] is about [story in one line].

Further book details:
Amazon: [Amazon link]
Genres: [Sci-fi, Technothriller, Near Future sci-fi]

Let me know about your reviewing process and terms if my book fits to your taste. I would be happy to the cooperation!

Thank you in advance!

Kind Regards,

Amazon Terms about reviews

The official Amazon's Community Guidelines say for example family members aren't allowed to leave supportive reviews on your book's page. These reviews will most likely be removed on Amazon's side anyway.

In Amazon's KDP guide you can also read about reviews:

  • You want to get “unbiased book reviews” to your newly released book
  • Authors may provide free or discounted copies of their books to readers, but they are not allowed to demand a review in exchange or influence the final rating of the review itself
  • If one of your friend liked on of your social media profiles in the past doesn't necessary mean that their review will be removed automatically

Final word for reviews: they should be unbiased!

Book Influencer list

Part of the book influencer list is public, and we wish to extend it in the coming months.

Note to influencers: If you want to be on the public list, please submit your information
(1) Full name, (2) Email contact for authors, (3) Favorite book genres, (4) Blog, (5) Social media accounts (Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook).

AbbyRomance, YA, Fantasy, Chick-litInstagram Twitter Goodreads
AshleighThriller, Mystery, Rom Com, Memoirs, True CrimeInstagram Goodreads
AyushiTravel, Fantasy, Thriller, YA, Non-fiction, Romance, Contemporary, HistoricalInstagram Goodreads
Chase NoirYA, FantasyInstagram
Christina MarieChildrens books, Family, KidsInstagram
HonestmamreaderMystery, Detective, Horror, Psychological Thriller, Health-Body careInstagramFacebook Goodreads
Janna JelineYA, Contemporary, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Fairy TalesInstagram Goodreads
MarqyreadsRomance, Fantasy, Young AdultInstagram Goodreads
MollyLGBT, YA, FantasyInstagram
NainaYA, Spiritual fiction, Non-fictionInstagram
NnennaChick lit, literary fictionInstagramTwitter Goodreads
Shelly's Book CornerYA, Romance, Mystery, ThrillerTwitter
Fly Into BooksFantasy, Sci-fi, Contemporary fiction, Romance, Thriller, HorrorInstagramTwitterFacebook Goodreads

Are you looking for the complete list?

In 2021 we put a lof of effort researching the most relevant book influencers to you. If you feel that our work is valuable please support our activity and we will send a full book influencer list to all of our supporters!

The list includes 180+ influencers (updated Aug. 26, 2022)

  • Various social media links (Goodreads, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Twitch),
  • Contact email addresses (where applicable),
  • Favorite book genres
  • Country of origin
  • Further notes (if they are present on Netgally, or they preferer ebook or paperback for review)

The list includes Bookstagrammers, Booktokkers, Booktubers and a lot of Goodreads influencers mainly from the US market (other markets CA, UK, IN, etc.).

Get the List

How to select the best influencers from the list?

As self-publishing author we understand that influencer marketing is important part of our book marketing list.

Finding an influencer is not the hardest job in the world – everyone can be an influencer these days. People with dozens of thousands of followers claim to be influencers in the attempt to make money with all kinds of ads. You can always check their profile with several tools. For example for Bookstagrammers you can use Hypeauditor.

On the same note, companies, businesses or business people are also looking for influencers to introduce their new books to the audience. If you think geographic location is everything, you are wrong. This person will actually represent a brand/author and can be associated with your book.

Now, what exactly do you need to look for in book influencers? What are the main qualities to take into consideration?

Well-aligned to your purpose

A good influencer does not necessarily have to agree with everything you claim or do. But then, there are a few things you have to look at before making a decision. The main values associated with your business must align with the influencer’s values. These things must line up for a successful collaboration.

Assuming you have just written a book about a healthy lifestyle and changes you can make to live longer. Would you associate yourself with an influencer whose stories and highlights refer to wild parties, smoking and drinking? Someone like this is less likely to represent your brand accordingly.

There are a few things you have to ask yourself. Is this influencer aligned to the values of your book? Is the influencer vocal about the opinions? Some so-called influencers will advertise whatever you throw at them, without caring about being vocal for it. It is just a matter of money for them.

Their opinions also need to align to what your book is about, as well as your mission. Furthermore, pay attention to what other books or brands the influencer represents. They should not contradict you and they should not represent your direct competition.

Responsive approach

Some influencers come up with new content on a daily basis – unlike most expectations, this is not really a general rule. While daily stuff is not mandatory, you need to make sure the book influencers you consider are active on their associated social media websites.

Feel free to initiate a conversation and see how things go from there. Discuss your opportunity and figure out if your influencer is a good communicator. Is there any interest in your partnership? Do they seem interested?

Good influencers also tend to engage with their followers in an active manner – they reply to relevant comments and messages and they give the audience some attention. At the same time, they respond with thoughtful comments, rather than just likes. How quick are they? Do they respond straight away?

Technology first

Influencers must be tech savvy – no doubts about it. They do not require a degree in IT, but they should know what they are doing. There is a theme you can observe by looking at their profiles. You can notice an arrangement of pictures and well-planned posts.

Some of these requirements involve editing pictures in a clean manner. Some others refer to automated posting. You definitely want an influencer who can handle the social media platform, rather than a newbie who posts stories and highlights by mistake.

Go through an influencer's profile and look at a few different things. How good is the content? Are pictures qualitative? Is there consistency on their page in terms of looks? Is the page appealing and interesting to look at? Are pictures well-edited?

Personality is critical

Even if your chosen influencers respect the above-mentioned points, there is one thing that should never be overlooked and that is personality. You want a personable individual who can be associated with normal people, rather than someone who seems to live in a completely different world.

You want someone who is pleasant to promote your book and not some random person who has no clue about it. You need an agreeable influencer with a sociable approach. This person must be the type who everyone wants to hang around – the type of magnet people who get along with everyone.

If the influencer does not get along too well with the followers or there is too much negativity in comments, chances are your campaign will backfire. Those followers will simply avoid your book, only because it was advertised by someone who they do not agree with.

Therefore, take your time to analyze the influencer and their interactions with fans and followers. Do they even connect with people around them through direct messages and comments? Do they have a warm and friendly approach to their posts?

The influencer is not everything, as you also have to consider the fans. Some followers are there just to cause trouble or to protest against the influencer. In other words, consider the followers’ responses as well. If there is negative feedback, how do influencers deal with it? Blocking people is not an option.

Relatable experience

You can determine whether or not an influencer is relatable based on the connection they have with the ones around them. It is not all about checking comments, but also about following the influencer for a while to see what they post.

An influencer who posts about luxurious lifestyle ideas, fancy parties and super expensive clothes is not really the most relatable one out there. Most of their fans and followers will not be able to relate to such a lifestyle, so they are basically selling a lie.

Being relatable has something to do with empathy too. Sure, not all followers can raise to the influencer’s level. But then, a good influencer will be able to put themselves in the followers’ shoes and understand things from a different level.

It is hard to determine if an influencer is relatable, so you will have to use your instinct here. Go through comments and see what people are saying. If they relate to the content coming from the influencer, you are on the right path.

A good influencer will also have sympathy regarding others’ experiences. Again, it depends on what kind of stuff they post, but you can observe such things in their replies. Then, check out their posts. Do they seem genuine? Can you feel any authenticity in there? Fake posts can be spotted from miles away.


A good influencer has consistency and for some obvious reasons. If they go active for a month before disappearing for three weeks, chances are their fan base will not be consistent. It is all up to the influencer. Without consistency in their activity, they are less likely to get consistency from followers.

Reliability and consistency go hand in hand. Book influencers should have both of them or they will go down. This is what established a solid relationship between them and the products they promote. It is not all about the people following them on social media, but also about the businesses using their posts.

For example, a professional influencer will have a theme on the page. The page looks appealing. Posts are consistent – daily or every few days. Content is qualitative, rather than a pixelated picture with a few emoticons in the caption.

Plus, experienced influencers should also take advantage of all the tools they have over social media. They should also post videos, stories, highlights, boomerangs and so on – every network has its own particularities.

Creativity rules

Last, but not least, no matter what it is about, a book is a creative product. When looking for book influencers, you need someone who is creative. Apart from using all the tools and extras coming with editing software and social media platforms, creativity has endless possibilities.

Try to find an influencer whose edits are unique. You need someone who is on top of every update and will take advantage of it straight away. Good influencers refresh their content all the time and can always experiment with different applications.

Now, looking at the content, can you say it is original? Does it feel creative to you? Are you genuinely interested in those posts? If they seem generic and the captions are dull, you may want to look elsewhere. Captions should be clever, rather than some random text, quotes and emoticons.

At the end of the day, remember – you are looking for book influencers. You need someone who can use their brains, as they will inevitably attract clever people who also like to read. If you get someone with dull posts, poor grammar and punctuation, chances are your book will not gain too much.


Bottom line, book influencers go in two directions and no matter which side you are on, they should all bring in the above-mentioned qualities. It makes no difference if you have just written a book and you want someone to help you with the promotion. You might as well be an avid reader looking for good recommendations. Take your time to find good influencers and things will move on from there.