Fantasy Books have always been a fascinating read. It entails an interesting and unique world-building, amazing characters, and an immersing plot. It urges you to dive deeper into your imagination and make you see this new world filled with magic, dragons, wizards, royalty, pirates, or monsters.

But do you know what makes an even more gripping fantasy book? Good humor and comedy! Not all fantasy books have humor, and the few rare ones that do are some of the best that the fantasy genre has to offer. They keep you on the edge of your seats, and still have the power to make you tear up and roll with good bouts of laughter.

If you’re looking for the best funny fantasy books in the market today, you may refer to the list below!

The Good Guy, by Justin Fraser

He is the evil genius that is destined to be the greatest supervillain to grace the lands. At least that’s what Ray Peril tells himself. The rest of the wicked and evil community doesn’t share his opinion. They take what he says with a grain of salt.

With the villains refusing to acknowledge and notice him, he is now forced into the good side to level the playing field. Alongside his newfound ally, Tammy Knitbar, he journeys through a straight path and route in defeating the bad guys, unintentionally doing good, and accidentally saving people in the process!

Even Ray himself is surprised by the turn of events because this wasn’t supposed to happen! He was a supervillain, right?

The Storyteller’s Curse: Book 1, by Patricia Strifley

Saving a princess pretty much means a happy ever after. Well, this fantastical novel does not seem to think so. For some reason, this story drifts away from any sort of cliché and sensical plot. However, for some more odd reason, it still works!

Against his will, Bayerd, the Storyteller had saved a princess with seaweed as a namesake. That started a chain of weird events with Bayerd in the very center of it. He now polishes the boots of a Lord, kisses the princess webbed toes, and also acts as a champion.

Join Bayerd as he tries to fulfill his duties as champion, and at the same time, stay out of trouble. Given Bayern's record, he will probably fail on both.

How to Train Your Dragon, by Cressida Cowell

Set in a world where Vikings ruled the sea while dragons command the sky. There is a young man from the Island of Berk named Hiccup who wanted nothing more than to join the fray and hunt dragons.

Hiccup’s town has been steadily raided by dragons for years, that’s why the villagers had been gearing up to fight them. Hiccup wanted to join the fight but his father, the village’s leader, had rejected the idea. But of course, Hiccup disobeyed him.

During the battle, he injured a Night Fury with his invention. Instead of killing it, he formed a bond with the dragon and named it Toothless. As their friendship deepens, Hiccup slowly begins to realize how much humans had misjudged their species.

Shakespeare for Squirrels, by Christopher More

A hilarious take on Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream, this story follows the adventure of Pocket, a character from Moore’s previous novels.

This takes place on an island in Greece, where Pocket had drifted off to after his last appearance in The Serpent of Venice. He made do with his situation and set off his plans to impress the Duke. A supposed to be a peaceful day immediately becomes a lot more complicated.

An arranged marriage, a threat of execution, a daring escape, a murder, and a dead body. Pocket now needs to solve the case, find out the truth, save himself, and ensure that everything ends well! This thrilling murder novel is full of magic, dark comedy, love, and madness!

Gideon the Ninth, by Tamsyn Muir

This is built in a world filled with swordplay, politics and necromancers. It tells the story of a charming swordfighter named Gideon who aided Harrowhack, a skilled necromancer, in competing in a dangerous event organized by the Emperor.

The Emperor invited the heirs of his loyal houses to participate in a merciless trial: A battle of skills and wits. The one who succeeds is granted the gift of immortality, and a place as a high follower of the Resurrection. Meanwhile, the price of losing would be their lives.

Join Gideon and Harrowhack as they venture and face on dangerous trials, one after another. Will they finish the tasks and become victors or will they be amongst the slowly piling dead bodies?

The House in the Cerulean Sea, by TJ Klune

Linus Baker is a by-the-book caseworker that works with the Department in charge of Magical Youth. His life is pretty much normal, or at least as normal as his job permits. That’s until he was assigned the task of visiting Marsays Island Orphanage to check on their six magical children.

Then, enter Arthur Parnassus, the caretaker of the orphanage. He takes his job seriously. That means he will stop at nothing to protect the children under his care, even if he needs to burn the world to do so. However, Linus' job just became a lot more complicated when he meets the magical children themselves.

Kill the Farm Boy, by Kevin Hearne

This story has the elements of a usual fairy tale. With a sleeping princess, a quest, and a chosen one. Meet Worstley, a farmer whose life took a 360-degree when he went out to feed his animals, only to come back as the Chosen One. With his new role, he sets off to find a quest.

He got what he asked for when he learned about a sleeping princess in a cursed tower. It got interesting after that point. A bard with no song, assassin afraid of chickens, and a warrior terrified of her sword. Oh, and there’s also a Dark Lord after his head.

Attack of the Underwear Dragon, by Scott Rothman

This tale is about the story of Cole who aspires to be nothing more than to be a Knight. He came to a step closer to his dream when he was tasked by Sir Percival to be an Assistant Knight.

Enter Sir Percival, a favored knight of King Arthur’s army. People know him as brave and courageous. He does fear one thing, though. He is afraid that the Underwater Dragon would come and cause chaos one day.

Unprepared, the kingdom’s army was stripped down in numbers until only one remained standing. Being the only one left to fight, what is Cole to do now?

Dealing with Dragons: The Enchanted Forest chronicles, by Patricia Wrede

Cimorene isn’t your normal princess. She has wanted more than to stay in a castle, entertain suitors, curtsy, and drink tea with her pinky raised. She’s not your traditional princess who peeks from behind her fan and giggles to be respectful.

Which is why she pursued a career as a dragon’s princess. Not something that someone would sign up for. Let alone a woman of her status. Then again, she doesn’t really follow the rules.

Join Cimorene as she helps out other princesses, turn away obnoxious wizards, and refuse annoying rescuers because really, she’s capable of rescuing herself, thank you very much!

The Princess Bride, by William Goldman

This is a story built in a world of giants, princesses, and pirates. It is set during the Renaissance era and follows the life of Buttercup, a woman who lives in Florin.

Buttercup is not your typical, almost saint-like heroine. She abused her farmhand, Westley, and ordered that he perform chores. In came the very iconic line of ‘as you wish’ which was Westley’s way of saying ‘I love you’.

They do end up getting together, and are preparing for the wedding when an awful incident left Buttercup thinking that he is dead. Despaired, Buttercup agreed to marry the prince of Florin. Before the ceremony, she is kidnapped, or should we say a “mark” to start off her magical and heart-pounding adventure.

Small Gods, by Terry Pratchett

This takes place in a universe called Discworld where religion is controversial and taken extra seriously. In this world, everyone values their own belief, and in that sense, everyone has their god.

The Discworld, a flat and circular planet carried on the back of a turtle, is a competitive world. In that world, it is incredibly hard to be recognized as a god when you have a form of a tortoise.

Do you know what this small, bossy tortoise shaped god needs? An acolyte that won’t ask a lot of questions. Luckily he found Brutha, a simple man who only wants to maintain his melon patch. Find out more by reading this page-turner by Prachett!


Fantasy books are one of the more popular genres in the market. With its spellbinding plot, it will certainly keep you from putting it down! The plot twists and world-building alone will urge you to keep turning the pages, and will make you anticipate every word.

Don’t get me started on the ones with comedic elements because those are the real classics! These books will keep you awake till dawn! So, what are you waiting for? Avail one of the best funny fantasy books from the list above, and you will not come to regret it!

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