Once you read that reading a fiction book makes a person more empathetic towards another human being. And surprisingly enough, many studies have proven this passage through extensive research conducted on the different genre of people of all ages and race. We became more open to the feelings of others which made us able to put ourselves in their shoes. Much more if we are reading medical fiction books. It gives us not only wisdom but awareness on what is happening inside and out of the laboratory room when a scientist leaves their lab gown or when a doctor wears their stethoscope around their neck.

Here are the top new medical books you can look out and think to include in your list this year.

Sparrowfall by Nick Green 

Sparrowfall evolves in Soma, a place inhabited by almost ten trillion people including Captain Luke S. Zeit. He is supposed to save his own army before the unknown force attacks them. Meanwhile, Eleanor Frith, a child actress starring in the blockbuster new science fiction will run into each other as the captain tries to keep his post in the White Legion.

Sparrowfall is a must-read book this 2021 where you will discover how love and death can change the fate of Luke and Eleanor. A science fiction page-turner where you can't wait to see the characters evolve through the journey of love and friendship and how leukemia causes them immense heartaches.

Nick Green has surely found a gift to portray from the characters that we could still hope and dream despite our loss and downfall. If you are looking for motivation to live and think that cancer is the end of everything, then this book is for you to see how Luke and Eleanor will change your perception in life.

Brought to our Senses: A Family Saga By Kathleen H. Wheeler

When someone is showing a symptom of forgetfulness, disorganized thoughts worsen by sudden behavioral changes plus a language problem hence causing him/her some difficulty to communicate, and then he/she possibly experiences dementia.

What if it was your own mother who had dementia? Discover how the sisters found their mother's Alzheimer's Disease in this story Brought to our Senses and how Elizabeth revealed to the family that the only way to help their family resolve this emergency is to expose their mother's well-kept secret. Reading this book will keep you saying “One more page” as you get excited and suspended how that secret connects to the family drama they are in.

Being a renowned winner of six fictional literary awards including Next Generation Indie Books Award and Writer's Digest Book Award, Brought To Our Senses is a must read and a must have reading masterpiece!

Still Water Runs Deadly By Tristiana Kink

Published in January 2020, Still Water Runs Deadly, is a mystery medical thriller book, the book 1 of the Georgetta Series which can keep your heart palpitating fast and your breath held back for suspense as the story unfolds from love trap to obsession.

This book, written by the budding medical thriller author Tristiana Kink, will bring you to the edge of your seat as you watch Nurse Georgetta fall in love with her patient, Simon. He is a handsome millionaire who gets interested in her when he becomes ill and has been confined in the hospital for days.

A passionate book filled with tales of love and drama, Still Water Runs Deadly has been recommended for you to include in your next-book to read in 2021.

A Life Lost: The Shocking True Story By Cathy Glass

Written by a specialist foster carer, Cathy Glass, this book A Life Lost has portrayed the life of a foster child Jackson. When he lost his dad and his brother, his life changed from secure attachment to isolation. His mother had to send him to foster care to cope up with her grief.

Jackson has to find his own way to live in the foster house along with other children who have complex emotional needs. Based on her true experience, the author has carefully written the shocking true story of children who were left under the care of foster parents and had to live under one roof with different new faces.

If you are grieving from the loss of your loved ones, this book is a good choice for you. It will bring you to a new light of coping up as Jackson and her mother give inspiration in how to find A Life Lost and bring back warmth in a once broken home.

Pandemic (The Extinction File) By A.G. Riddle

When Covid 19 coronavirus attacked Wuhan, China, the world was sleeping. No one has been informed. No one has been prepared. But someone has predicted. A.G. Riddle had written Pandemic way before I wrapped the world with deadly and contagious coronavirus in 2019.

Pandemic is a best-selling medical fiction book selling more than million copies since its release in 2017. It was a well-research, thrilling medical fiction story of how Dr. Peyton Shaw, a topnotch epidemiologist, got a very dangerous job when she was assigned to respond to the infectious outbreak in Kenya. It started when two Americans have been infected with a virus which resembles ebola and caused serious injury to one of the American patients. As Dr Shaw dug deep to the origin of the infection, she was aghast with the mystery that she has unraveled. A conspiracy!

Brought to us by the award-winning author of nine books, A. G. Riddle has given us an authentic, must-read medical fiction book that is not only a page-turner but will really bring you to the edge of suspense and thrilling adventure.

Pandemic is a MUST-HAVE in your collections. Very timely and informative, you’ll never regret to open your mind to how the world was run by predators and Pandemic is here to show you how to save yourself as prey from the deadly virus creeping the world today.

Genome By A.G.Riddle

The final book in the series The Extinction Files of A.G. Riddle, Genome is the answer to the extinction of humans which lies in the hands of Dr. Peyton Shaw. With the time running and his family in danger, he must do something to stop the conspiracy creeping around the dark world of research and technology. He must reveal the secret code or else, the world will be wiped out.

When Dr. Kraus died, the research on the human genome implanted in his body died too. But with the development of the technology, many have got interest in the research. And so the chase has begun.

And humankind was in danger. Will Dr. Peyton be brave enough to step out and be the heroine of the human race?

Don’t be left out. Don’t miss the secret. Grab these two books, Pandemic and Genome and be grateful you’re alive.

Genesis by Robin Cook

The story started one winter night of March in a one-bedroom apartment in 23rd street of New York, Manhattan by a rendition of how a determined sperm penetrated the receptive ovum of a willing, hot body of a female human being. The fusion from an amorous event resulted in the formation of a new zygote, the Genesis of another human which progressively developed until the womb that carries it faced a sudden death and now lying cold in the autopsy table of Laurie Montgomery, the Chief Medical Examiner of New York City.

It could have been another ordinary examination of a dead body but the consequences of the event and the fact that dead Kera Jacobsen has not been considered a drug-overdose case, everything becomes tricky as she was also tenth week pregnant. When another social worker who happened to be her closest friend was murdered after her, the desire to decipher the truth becomes urgent.

Will the feisty, pathology resident Dr. Aria Nichols could conceal the villain by using the genealogic DNA technology through the fetus DNA tracing? Or will they discover that they could be the next target?

Genesis is the beginning of creation. In this book, the characters were able to portray well how Genesis could also be the light in discovering the way to the villain’s dark pathway to his cave. Dr. Robin Cook, New York’s best-selling author who gave a breakthrough to his novel Coma, once again keeps the tension high and makes the reader’s pulse pounding in this medical thriller novel. It was such a great book explaining delicately how DNA technology in ancestry websites could trace someone hiding from a mysterious killing incidence in that winter eve in New York, Manhattan.

Don’t miss the thrill in these top seven medical fiction books this year! Read, be enlightened, be prepared, and be suspenseful in the edge of your seat as you keep turning the page until dawn breaks its light in the morning mist!

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