How I Lowered My Gut Inflammation, Developed Toned Abs, & Changed My Life

75 Gut-Healing Strategies & Biohacks helps optimize your gut microbiome and combats conditions such as SIBO, IMO, candida, increased intestinal permeability, parasites, poor digestion, lyme-induced gut damage, mold-induced gut damage, and more.

Chloe understands that the gut takes a serious beating during cases of CIRS, Lyme, SIBO, IMO, Candida, Parasites, Heavy Metal Toxicity, Mycoplasma, and more! So, she only wants to provide effective, research-backed, gut-healing strategies. And, with around 200 scientific research articles cited, the reader can feel confident knowing that Chloe effectively combines research with experience in order to weed out what doesn't work from what does!

Following her “gold mine” of 75 gut-healing tactics, she dedicates an entire chapter to Q&A. Simply stated, she lists out a series of questions that the reader can ask him/herself, such as “Am I having a difficult time digesting …?” Following each question, she details which tactics (1-75) were most helpful for her. She calls this Chloe's Gut Hotline.

This could be your guide to:

  • Having fewer food sensitivities,
  • Lowering your GI inflammation, so you can more easily develop toned abs,
  • Using biohacks so you can eat the foods you love,
  • Combating gut infections or dysbiosis,
  • Optimizing your digestion,
  • And more!

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