The book was completely revised and extended in November 2020

What are the key topics of this book?

  • Esports business
  • How can I make a living playing games?
  • What are the most popular esports?
  • Esports ecosystem (updated in 2020)
  • The most known esports players
  • How coronavirus effected professional gamers in 2020? (added in 2020)
  • Are streamers the next professional gamers? (added in 2020)
  • The current state of English live streaming market (Twitch, YouTube, Facebook Gaming) and global broadcasting rights (added in 2020)
  • AI and gaming
  • How the next 5 years will look like? (updated in 2020)

In this book, you will find no topic was off limits. The author talks about the past, present, and future of esports and different aspects of the professional gaming industry at large.

With the boom of the esports industry, everyone wants to know how they can be part of it. In this book, the author answered these questions, and dozens more, based on many years of experience working in the esports industry as a professional.


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