AfterLife Book 1

A theodicy, an apologetic defense of God's goodness in full view of pain and suffering in narrative format.

AfterLife is a series that explores the problem of human pain and suffering juxtaposed to a good God. The exploration of the theodicy problem progresses on Earth and in Paradise concurrently. The main proposition is that our free will is the foundational cause of the problem. Other premises presented include that God does not ordain our suffering and that God loves us. An angel is the main character who travels between Paradise and Earth to witness the various story-lines play out.

The Hill family is dysfunctionally grieving the impending death of the wife and mother, Karen, due to a congenital heart condition. After Karen’s passing, two of the surviving members of her family digress into progressively decompensating behaviors, the other surviving family member tries to stay on a healthy course. Karen enters Paradise and meets previously departed family members and many notable historical figures.

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