A personal message from the author:

I kinda love writing about self help, self love, and many more issues that I usually struggle with in my own personal life, so I wrote this book in a time when my life was really dark and all hope had left my heart.

It was some kind of escape for my soul and even though I tried to publish it before I just had to take it down cause my wound was still open, and now that it has healed and that I know how it felt and how hard it is to heal from moments like that, I finally decided to share what I learned with you.

— Vivian Romero

Elle is a strong fairytale and love believer, that's just the way she is, unfortunately, we do not live in a perfect nor pink-ish world as she grew up thinking, and she'll have to learn that on the way, how? well… giving her heart a bad time by falling in love and breaking herself into pieces, again and again, just to learn that love might actually be closer than she ever thought and in the most unimaginable places. Wanna join her ride?


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