Lighting the Spark of Inspiration Back into the Heart of your Luminous Soul BEing

Light the spark of inspiration back into the heart of your beautiful luminous soul.

This book is created in two parts. The first covers the current evolution of the human shift in consciousness, whilst the second part is about her life, including the trauma she endured and how she finally conquered and vanquished her many demons.

With the hardship and trauma in the transitioning world at large, not to mention in your personal life, you may find it difficult to find your calling, connect to a higher purpose, feel empowered, or dedicate time to the important work of healing your body, mind, and soul.

Maybe you’ve been feeling out of sorts, anxious or depressed. Maybe you’ve been stuck in a rut, struggling to get out of the drowning of your own created experiences. Maybe it’s time to raise your vibration. What does that even mean? How do you tap into your higher consciousness, to be able to truly nurture yourself? You may be feeling a pull to live more authentically but are wondering how and where to even begin.

Birgitta Visser is a Soul Empowerment Coach, a Divine Channel and Light Language healer, delivering messages from the many Light BEings across the multiverse to aid humanity. She draws from her myriad life experiences—from the abuse she endured as a child, to the loss of her father as a teenager, to starving herself through most of her adult life, rolling into beautifully intoxicated relationships, to holding jobs from modelling to bartending to dog walking, to maneuvering within the corporate world, and much more. She delves into the unravelling of the illusion of the matrix, explaining the current evolution of human consciousness and the shift of the changing tides, and takes the reader on a journey of her often turbulent rollercoaster ride of her life including her many illustrious past lives both earthly and galactic, deep-diving into the split sparks of the atomic infusion of twin flames, delivering real-life anecdotes, heartfelt guidance, and powerful messages with humour and practicality to help you re-engage with your highest, most conscious self.

In BE-com-ing Authentically Meyou’ll find:

  • Real-life examples—Learn how Birgitta overcame often traumatic and difficult circumstances to become the enlightened being she is today—and how you can, too!
  • Channelled messages—Discover wisdom of the many Collective Light BEings, the Pleiadeans, Venusians, and Anunnaki, the Ascended Masters, St. Germain, Hilarion, Lord Sananda, Sanat Kumara and Archangels, including Michael, Raphael, Zadkiel, Nathaniel and many more.
  • Heartfelt guidance—No matter where you are in your spiritual journey, Birgitta will gently guide you towards enlightenment, spiritual growth, and ascension.

Are you ready to let go of the illusion of all that you believe to be true and unleash your inner Alchemist? Are you ready to explore your programming, rise above the drama in your life, and journey beyond the here and now? If so, now is the time to open your heart and mind to BE-coming authentically you. With a blend of personal anecdote, spiritual wisdom, and practical application, BE-com-ing Authentically Me is your divine guide to transcending the old, embracing the new, and celebrating your Soul’s extraordinary purpose.

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Excerpt from BE-com-ing Authentically Me © Copyright 2023 Birgitta Visser

The Start of My Life

Your Spirit is merely on a loco holiday here on Planet Earth, having chosen a human organic body fit for purpose to incarnate into for its travels, and it is entirely up to you how you choose to populate your travel itinerary, by one’s created and serv-ed experiences—served to you rather royally on one’s chosen platter of servings, which can sometimes be tearfully spicy, or a heavenly luscious delight. Embrace them all, be in acceptance and love them all, because if you laugh at them, you remain in the higher octaves of waltzing through the frequential energetic storm with ease and a cha-cha slide, as opposed to vibin’ low and trippin’ over your own two left feet whilst dancin’ to “cry me a river” like a slumped-over drunken hillbilly and the “lord have mercy on me.” You’re an infinite God Wonder of the Universe, get over yourself and wash off the conditioning you have so soiled yourself with, back to the Light of the Infinite I AM Wonder you truly are.

Happy Earth travels in uncovering the conditioned “human” schmuck you have so covered yourself with and recovering the beautiful Light of Soul you are, because my dear you are worth every damn penny of the enriched flavoursome experiences you have so duly cast upon yourselves.

~the Ascended Master St. Germain~

On a sunny Tuesday morning, on the 25th of June 1974, at exactly 10:00 a.m., I decided it was time to quietly pop out of my mother’s womb and feel the warm sunlight streaming on my face. After wriggling around, trying to find my way through that narrow birth canal of hers, I popped my head out down under, and oh, what a sight it was! I had no choice—it was getting too tight in there, and the council had kicked me out into the Earthly realms. With me having rolled the dice on the game of cosmic evolution, another Earth life it was, yet again. I did not cry the first minute; only after the midwife gave me a smack on my tiny buttocks did I start screaming, but not as loud as my mum, who was in excruciating pain, suffering a second-degree tear.

I was born at home in a tiny rural town called Spijkenisse, on the outskirts of Rotterdam in the Netherlands. I can’t remember being born, but I’m sure my parents were thrilled, and my mum especially, being a whopping five pounds and an ounce lighter, to be exact. My dad, last name Visser, was half Dutch, half German; my mum, last name Hajary, is Indian, Indonesian, with a blend of Belgian and a splash of mustard French. My father named me Birgitta Eveline Geertruida Visser, which he forgot to tell my mum, so when she was asked, she told them to ask her husband as she didn’t have a clue. If I had it my way, I’d have scrapped the Geertruida, which is Gertrude in English. What a great start to my life, right?

I had told myself that this time when I incarnated, I would remember who I was; and that this life was going to be a walk in the park if I made the right choices and understood the experiences. Well, fat chance of that happening, as I lost myself rather rigorously growing up.

Archangel Zadkiel and St. Germain on the Violet Flame of Transmutation

Q: In all that I AM, who AM I? Do I matter?

“My Child, you matter. All of you matter! It is merely the constant moulding that has gotten your Soul in a twisted ‘git’ of misery, for in all that You Are, I AM, and yet I AM all that You Are. We are sparks of the same creation, but for the memory fugue instilled for having chosen to incarnate on to the earthly realms. Yours is to unearth the splendour within to fill up the “drafty” darkened corridors of the night of Soul to vibrate your wondrous Light without. You have always been a firefly. You merely lost your way through the bout of your experiences, stumbling through the dark of the created forest, lost in the debris of your own decoyed Self, having lost the spark to the Light of your sweet Soul of Self.”

Q: What do you say to people who say, but I can’t change because my life is so difficult?

“Excuses! It is much like saying you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. How can one be too old when one is eternal? It is a mere copout of wanting to change in one’s current created embodied persona. Change is inevitable, as much as suffering and growth are an option, no? If you are suffering, “unsuffer” yourself because you are the intolerable suffering of the created suffering of yourself. Yet, one would refuse to become a butterfly as intended and remain that bamboozled fat caterpillar, never taking flight for fear of living and thus remaining in one’s own shadows till dearly beloved death do us part, to then realise, having shaken off the amnesia, that one is eternal, having not lived a life fulfilled all because one was whacked on the head into oblivion rendered into an unconscious state upon incarnating? Well, ain’t it grand you can’t remember? That is precisely the point! 

You are here on Terra, like ALF (1980s sitcom), stuck on Earth, unable to ‘get back' to his place of birth. He is making the best of a bad situation, thinking of it as having an extended vacation. You too, my Child, have duly incarnated wanting to be reborn in the experiment of Life on Earth for your Soul to experience the embodiment of that thing called humanity, to slice and dice the conditioning of your experiences you have so richly slapped upon yourselves in the rather diabolical and louche theatre of the Mind Matrix Saga. Let life not go to yonder. Step out of the box of your created fears and out into the sunlight, basking in the infinite possibilities of all that life has to offer unless one chooses to remain a “vampire” soaking up the energies of the pulverising darkness within.

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