I am a total fan of heightened feelings of surprise, suspense, anxiety, anticipation, and action in a thriller book. That’s just what an action thriller book gives me. But that’s not where it ends for me.

When the book has an unexpected killer plot twist, a wicked and dangerous guy, or someone on a quest within an uprising upheaval, I get more intrigued. The extra exhilaration and mental stimulation in action thriller books are even better.

If you are looking for quality stories from the recent years, check out the following action thriller novels:

What Are Some Suspenseful Action Thriller Books?

Carolina Dance (Orlando Black Series), by Alex Cage (2019)

I recently came across Carolina Dance, the first book in the Orlando Black series, and I must say, it was a thrilling ride. The story follows a man who simply wants to live a quiet life in Charlotte, North Carolina, but finds himself wrongfully arrested and caught up in a deadly conspiracy.

The book includes non-stop action, adrenaline-fueled fight scenes, and a diehard hero who relies on his martial arts skills, special forces training, and investigative knowledge to save innocent lives and take down a brutal mastermind.

The specialty of the story is that the plot is rich and intricate, with multiple storylines skillfully woven together. The author did an excellent job of keeping the reader engaged and invested in the characters. The book is perfect for fans of intense action and fast-paced storytelling.

The series, which first debuted in 2019 with Carolina Dance, captured readers' hearts with its pulse-pounding action scenes. The sequel titled Bet On Black was released in 2023, continuing the thrilling story of the Orlando Black series and promising to be just as heart-stopping and captivating as its predecessor.

I Will Find You, by Harlan Coben (2023)

I recently came across Harlan Coben's new book about a man named David Burroughs who was convicted and sentenced to life in prison for the murder of his three-year-old son, Matthew.

Five years into his sentence, David's sister-in-law, Rachel, visits him with a photograph of a boy who looks just like Matthew at an amusement park. Convinced his son is still alive, David plans a daring escape from maximum-security prison, determined to save Matthew, clear his name, and uncover the truth behind the supposed murder.

With the FBI hot on his heels, it's a thrilling race against time to reveal the shocking truth and reunite with his long-lost son.

246: A Killer's Promise, by Jj Dizz (2022)

You will not go wrong with this fantastic piece of work by Dizz. 246 is a story about a killer called Reaper who has been tasked with one mission that may bring about significant changes in his life. His mission is in Experiment Labs. However, as he faces a fateful encounter, everything is about to become different. He also has a newfound promise he must keep.

You will be drawn in immediately and stay interested in the exciting and satisfying plot, but you will also keep guessing what happens next, only to find a twist. The book has a sinister atmosphere, and the tension doesn’t end.

Jj Dizz has excellently weaved words with a mental picture. You will stay with Reaper throughout the story and not want to keep 246 down.

Brink of War (The Prosecution Force Series), by Logan Ryles (2022)

Talk about obscurity, turmoil, and some John Wick vibes. That’s what you get in Brink of War.

Maggie Trousdale has been running the vice president office for two days. Following the president’s death, she immediately has to take on the executive office. Air Force One is down in Turkey, and America now wants answers with a chaotic White House.

Maggie then finds out about a cryptic message left by her predecessor. Air Force One’s attack may not have resulted from foreign aggressiveness. Interestingly, it might have been an inside job, and if so, her life is on the line, being the next target.

She turns to Reed Montgomery, a disgraced Recon Marine, violent, and a criminal fugitive. He can uncover the truth, but he must move fast because of the jeopardized global security, and the nation is on the brink of war.

Cutthroat action and international intrigue will challenge this mission.

Payback (Corps Justice Series), by C.G. Cooper (2022)

What’s the worst that can happen following the ransoming of billions for killings of American politicians? Does Russia still pose a threat even without a leader? But even more crucial, when exactly does revenge expire? When payback is in the middle of it, anything and everything is feasible.

Cal Stokes and his team are swamped with work. Meanwhile, each American politician is under the target of an anonymous Operation Bounty Killer. Different parties are also in the wait for the best time and opportunity to come to Cal’s team. How long can this American crisis go on, and which of Cal’s friends will turn out to be collateral damage?

Chapter after another, get ready to enjoy ratcheted action and suspense as the good guys fight against catastrophes and deadly confrontations. This high-stakes action thriller book will definitely explore some uncommon scenes of political mystery.

Four on the Floor (John Tyler Series), by Tom Fowler (2022)

 Four on the Floor is the fourth entry of the John Tyler series. All began as a favor, and John Tyler is now running for his life. He is a former soldier who agreed to pick up his daughter’s friend Stacy from the airport due to bad weather.

Upon arrival at her house, they find four dead bodies scattered on the floor. As if that’s not enough, the killers keep circling back.

John and Stacy will manage to escape, but nothing will be certain about what lies ahead. John will be cut from his support system and friends, but he must keep Stacy safe. The danger she faces is a firmly resolved and unknown adversary with an endless assassin supply.

When Stacy gets into the hands of her enemies, Tyler devises a plan to bring her back alive. But why are Stacy and her family being targeted? The effort to try and find out might just cost her helper his life.

Once a Thief (Simon Riske Series), by Christopher Reich (2022)

Once a Thief is like a James Bond movie that you can’t pause.

Spy Simon Riske’s celebration of the sale of an expensive Ferrari comes to an end when he is accused of fraud. The Ferrari’s original gearbox has been replaced with a fake, and the buyer’s agent, Sylvie Bettencourt, has given Riske a week to get the original. His efforts have been futile, but Sylvie knows the original still exists.

Riske will encounter a Russian mobster whose capture he once facilitated and is now under witness protection. Sylvie is a GRU member trained to live undercover and infiltrate as a French national. She launders money for an unidentified Russian and wants Riske’s skills to access financial information for her disappearance and retirement.

As Riske looks into Sylvie’s past, he will cross paths with Anna to find out that they have a common enemy. They become players of a deadly game in which money changes hands, and knowing anything is payable with one’s life.

Armored (Joshua Duffy Series), by Mark Greaney (2022)

Josh Duffy is a decorated army veteran who has become a military contractor and stared into the abyss. His final mission didn’t go well and left him badly injured, derailing his career.

He now works as a mall cop until a well-paying redemption chance comes his way. He jumps at it. His job will be riding a shotgun on the motorcade of armored vehicles getting into Mexico.

The military contractors are on a mission to find a widely known and unfavorable drug lord and then bring him in for negotiations with the UN and the Mexican government.

Meanwhile, Armored Saint, Josh’s employer, has a sketchy track record. Once the team hits the road, the danger will only keep growing.

This is a suicide run with the violent and threatening cartel forces.

What Are The Most Exciting Themes in Action Thriller Books?

These themes have proven to be the driving forces behind numerous bestsellers and perennial favorites in the genre.

01 High-stakes global conspiracies

The intricate web of international intrigue and covert operations, involving powerful governments, secret organizations, or influential individuals, has always been a captivating theme. These stories often feature a relentless protagonist racing against time to unravel the conspiracy and prevent world-altering events.

02 Espionage and counterintelligence

The clandestine world of spies, double agents, and intelligence agencies battling each other for vital information and national security has an undeniable allure. This theme explores the complex political and ethical dilemmas faced by characters operating in the shadows.

03 Techno-thrillers

Combining cutting-edge technology with heart-pounding action, techno-thrillers explore the threats and possibilities of modern advancements. These stories often include cyber warfare, advanced weaponry, and the race to control or prevent the misuse of groundbreaking innovations.

04 Heists and criminal masterminds

Audacious heists, daring escapes, and criminal masterminds plotting ingenious schemes make for exhilarating stories. These tales often focus on anti-heroes or morally ambiguous characters, adding layers of complexity and depth to the narrative.

05 Ancient mysteries and lost treasures

Unearthing long-lost secrets and hidden treasures often forms the basis of action-packed adventures. Protagonists must decipher ancient codes, navigate treacherous landscapes, and face off against formidable foes to uncover the truth.

06 Hitmen actions

The shadowy underworld of professional assassins and contract killers offers a wealth of high-stakes, fast-paced stories. Characters in this theme grapple with moral quandaries, personal vendettas, and the tension of living a double life.

07 Survival against the odds

The ultimate test of human endurance and resilience, these stories pit characters against extreme environments, hostile adversaries, or insurmountable obstacles. The race for survival serves as a powerful backdrop for exploring the depths of the human spirit.

These themes showcase the diverse range of captivating storylines that the action thriller genre has to offer. Each one has the potential to transport readers to a world of exhilarating danger and intrigue, making it clear why they continue to captivate audiences worldwide.


There you have it. Grab copies of these thriller and action books, and you will be in for extraordinary rollercoaster events. If you are into thrillers, check our favorite techno-thriller books.

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