Wayne Gerard Trotman is an award-winning author of books across different genres, including children's literature. He has a very charming style of writing that he uses to deliver critical topics to children. Mainly, Wayne Gerard Trotman’s books make children aware of animal plights with a rhyming tale. Here are some of our best picks of his rhyming books that your young one(s) will love.

The Last Honey Bee

This book is an illustration of a very adorable but sad honey bee, Manderlee. Humans have burned and poisoned the colony she lived with. Other worker bees have perished, and the queen bee has drowned. Manderlee is the only one who survives. She has to go far away as she seeks a new colony and is almost destroyed by an outraged seagull, Kala Kaghee.

As Manderlee looks for a new hive, she illustrates the importance of bees and why human beings need not harm them. They play a crucial role in pollination and produce delicious honey. Manderlee’s wings are exhausted from the long time she has been flying, and she is also lonely and hungry. She wishes she could get her former honey-making job back. But can she find a new colony, make new friends, and begin a new life?

This is a delightful read that your young one will enjoy and at the same time learn from.

A Tiger’s Tale

This story enlightens us about the importance of earth conservation and how humans can impact the environment. It achieves this using an illustration of a tiger in its habitat.

Initially, there was a very happy and fulfilled tiger in the isle of Sumatra. This land had vast green forests and was home to many animals. However, some lawbreakers showed up and started destroying it. They cut down many trees, slashed, and set the forests on fire, destroying this formerly pleasant land. Animals fled as they didn’t have any other choice. The humans worked hard to farm rubber, palm oil, and tea. They also built houses there and grew coffee on the land. The tiger yearned for the habitat he once knew.

Children gathered to save the animals as they knew the animals would eventually need their help. They planted many trees and provided the animals with vast space. When the adults saw this, they joined the young ones. Eventually, the animals went back to the forest, and the once lonely tiger even got married.

An Elephant’s Advice

 An Elephant’s Advice addresses a very mature subject in a way that is relatable to kids. It engagingly depicts elephant poaching. Its main character is Tun Tun, a baby elephant who lives with his family, Ayo his mother, and Jumbo his father. He is brilliant, healthy and greatly enjoys nature. Being a forest elephant calf, he goes to the lake daily with his family to drink fresh water, play, and take mud baths.

One day he sees an intruder, and his father decides that the family needs to leave. The elephants are now under threat. The intruder is an armed hunter. Ayo and Tun Tun go into the woods, but Tun Tun hears a gunshot. When they both encounter another intruder, Ayo tells Tun Tun to run and go as far as he can and not wait for her.

The parental figures in this story are protective amidst the turmoil, presenting self-sacrifice.

Song of the Blue Whale

This rhyming book illustrates and educates children about whales, their hunters, habitat pollution, and what can be done to help these creatures and clean their habitat.

The Southern Ocean is home to a magnificent blue whale. She is an excellent swimmer who can dive the depths of the coldest ocean waters. Only a few creatures can brave the icy-cold Antarctic waters.

As the story progresses, it depicts the dangers blue whales face because some humans continue to hunt them. Readers are also given a glimpse of and educated about ocean pollution and the necessary steps for habitat clean up.

Any child will enjoy this book, mainly because it is packed with stunning artwork on each page. They will appreciate these creatures, their nature and better understand the threats they face.

A Letter from a Gorilla

 A Letter from a Gorilla is a creative rhyming book that shows the perils gorilla’s face. A letter by Silverback Jeremy is used to narrate the story. The mountain gorilla pens the letter hoping that humanity can learn about the human-imposed challenges gorillas suffer. It is a cute story but one that addresses serious issues.

The story explains how gorillas are threatened by extinction and the various ways humans endanger them. It goes beyond and suggests different ways we can change or behaviour and protect this species, which is very similar to us. Beautiful illustrations with vivid and dramatic imagery drive the main points home. It would make an excellent addition to your child’s book collection.

A Turtle’s Adventures

This is a clever story that enlightens readers about sea life, and it follows Shelly’s travelogue. Shelly is a sea turtle with a purple heart on her shell who has returned to her hatching beach. She was born in Trinidad on the Matura Bay beach and was the twelfth among ninety-five hatchlings. She was then rescued from certain death by a stranger.

Surviving danger, she lived long and travelled far. She went from the Caribbean waters to African waters and back. Readers will discover facts about leatherback sea turtles including how they avoid being eaten by large predators and how they nest.

Shelly talks about her many adventures during her travels. She also advises how recycling and not discarding plastic bags into the sea is crucial. The act endangers her kind and other sea creatures.  This lyrical story will entertain your young one and offer many insights with care and compassion.

Final Thoughts

Our list of Wayne Gerard Trotman’s books above will help communicate crucial animal and environmental preservation matters to your child. Grab a cute rhyming book for them to learn from.

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