If you are a 1980’s or a 1990’s kid, chances are you are familiar with those choose your own adventure books. You could choose your own story and alter the course of the action. With time, similar games showed up as well and believe it or not, they are getting back into trends, ready to entice both kids and adults who like a different approach.

Such stories or games come from a second-person point of view. Basically, as the reader, you are also the protagonist of the story. You make different choices that determine the final outcome, as well as your further actions and adventures. These being said, here are some of the best rated choose your adventure games or books out there.

Letters from the Moon, by Marvelous Spiral Studios (Game)

This is probably the most advanced option when interested in interactive fiction games, which uses an inventory system. The game follows Dorothy Chen. She is the first Chinese-American woman reaching the moon, but there is a big problem with her expedition – her spaceship crashed while getting there. A rescue mission would take over a week to arrive, so she needs to find a way to survive until she is located and found.

As she starts exploring the surroundings, she finds an underground city. Built by aliens, the city is now empty and deserted. However, she finds a holographic cat that aims to educate her on whatever is going on around her – including the potential dangers. From starvation and robots to mutant dogs, this game will give you more than 30 different endings based on the decisions you make.

The game developer studio MSS did a great job with the story, I personally think everyone should give this game a shot if you are into space operas.

Depression Quest, by Zoe Quinnm Patrick Lindsey & Isaac Schankler (Game)

Depression Quest adopts a different approach. It is one of the most detailed choose your own adventure games out there, but there is nothing about exciting characters, fantasy, aliens, monsters or fairies. Instead, you are a character dealing with depression and you need to handle your life – a realistic approach that is quite actual in today’s society, where life has both ups and downs.

Generally speaking, you need to manage your own life. You basically live with depression and you must go through all kinds of daily events. You need to keep on top of your illness, but you also need to establish personal relationships with those around you. On top of all these, you have a job and you need to keep it – definitely a good simulator for everyday life activities.

Fahrenheit: Indigo Prophecy Remasteredm by Aspyr (Game)

The game has a good history. It was released in 2005 and it was an instant hit among choose your own adventure games. However, since then, the game has been brought into modern society. It is more actual than ever and it gives you access to an interesting plot that can be easily altered based on the decisions you make.

The idea is fairly simple to understand. You are a man with supernatural powers. Your power is a constant craving to commit murder though. You need to resist it, but also feed it. At the same time, there are all sorts of police detectives trying to get you down – even more decisions to make while mastering your escape.

Firewatch, by Campo Santo (Game)

Firewatch is not just a great game to alter yourself with your decisions, but also a good adventure to keep you entertained for hours. It is available on more platforms, but it is mostly played on computers. The first-person adventure takes you in the middle of nowhere. You are Henry and you find yourself in the Shoshone National Forest.

The action takes place in 1989, so there are no gadgets or modern technologies around you. Instead, you need to rely on old-fashioned things and instruments to complete your mission. You also have a walkie-talkie to communicate with your superior. As a player, you decide how this relationship develops overtime – plenty of different endings based on your choices.

Neo Cab, by Chance Agency (Game)

Available for more platforms – including computers, Neo is one of the most exciting interactive fiction games out there. Basically, there is a futuristic story, but you also become some sort of a detective looking for clues. All in all, you are Lina. The action takes place far in the future. Lina is the last human taxi driver and has a mission.

Her friend disappeared and she needs to solve the mystery. You stick to the taxi driving job though, but you end up taking all sorts of characters on the backseat. Many of the passengers have secrets, while others can reveal clues regarding your friend. As you progress, the decisions you make may take you in different directions.

Little Kid, Big City, by Beth Beckman (Book)

The best part about choose your own adventure books is the fact that they work for everyone. Even if you end up with a basic story for toddlers, you will still find it fascinating how you can change the final outcome based on your decisions. The same rule applies to Little Kid, Big City – aimed at kids and teenagers, the book is just as useful for adults who love traveling.

There are more books in this series and each of them will allow you to come up with your own itinerary. At the end of each page, you can choose where you want to go next. It follows your adventure through a few major cities in the world. Believe it or not, this is probably the most interactive way to travel from the comfort of your armchair.

To Be or Not To Be, by Ryan North (Book)

If you think to choose your own adventure books are for kids only, you are totally wrong. Some of them can take action even further. This one puts you in a pretty interesting position – you are a prince in Denmark. Your father – the king – has just passed away. Your mother is about to get a new husband – it is not someone from the outside, but your actual uncle.

Are you going to cope with it? Will you go against it? This book is beautifully illustrated and allows you to make a plethora of different decisions. You are basically Hamlet and you will go through Shakespeare’s tragedy from your own point of view. Your decisions – or better said, lack of decisions – will give you a completely unexpected outcome.

Lost in Austen, by Emma Campbell Webster (Book)

This book is suitable for both males and females, despite being Elizabeth Bennet. The story is quite exciting and will give you plenty of action, regardless of your position. All in all, your role is fairly simple to understand – you want a good marriage with the right person. You want to love and be loved and for this, you need to work hard and make a plethora of different decisions.

Getting to Mr. Darcy may seem pretty straightforward, but you will actually need to struggle. As you try to reach your goal, you will be taken through many of Jane Austen’s previous novels. You will find characters from Emma or Sense and Sensibility, among many others. All in all, the best part is there are lots of decisions to change the final outcome.

Choose Your Own Disaster, by Dana Schwartz

Choose Your Own Disaster can easily go among the most intriguing choose your own adventure books. It follows the classic rules to go in this category, but it is also a bit of a memoir. Some may say it is a memoir designed like a choose your own adventure book. There are no mystical characters, fantastic princess or fairies around.

Instead, you are about to experience a unique adventure with many real-life connotations. You will run into a few personality quizzes as well, but you will also laugh or experience dramatic events. You are a young woman struggling to find her identity in the 20s. Luckily enough, there are plenty of choices and options during this beautiful age.

A Girl Walks into a Bar, by Helena S. Paige

When you think about to choose your adventure books for adults, you inevitably imagine a bit of eroticism. Fortunately for you, you can stop here because Helena S. Paige has come up with the perfect story. The title is quite self-explanatory – a girl walks into a bar and her options are countless. What are you going to do next?

You can find a nice rich man and try to hook up. You can also chat with that pretty bartender and get to know her better. Are you open-minded? You might discover a mysterious woman to follow her to a different location. You have plenty of choices and your imagination has no limits on this one – definitely a must.


Bottom line, these are some of the most interactive choose your own adventure books and games out there. There is plenty of action in all sorts of environments – from space scenarios to futuristic cities and local bars. No matter what you are into, these games and books will definitely hook you in. The best part? You can always start all over and choose a completely different path in your adventure for a different ending.

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