Many think of small towns as uneventful. Still, their ability to bring together a community and the charm they possess give books set in small towns excellent plot development and a different character dimension.

These books get even more interesting when developed using the unbeatable crime mystery. Don’t we all love the investigation chase and the witty search for evidence?

Try our excellent choices below if you are into investigative books about small towns.

On the Run, by Maranda Collins

Circumstances force officer Sadie Lynch to escape her typical cop life to protect her grandfather and herself. While on the run, she reflects on the thin line between good and evil, her heart’s state, and faith. She, however, has to overcome her past experiences and give herself a chance to depend on a stranger. But can Sadie actually trust Jarett Batter?

He is a former member of the Navy SEAL team and is very arrogant. As the stakes rise and everything becomes more problematic, Sadie must choose. She has gotten herself into a fatal game opposing an indistinct paramilitary organization.

With the possibility of stunning the nation, she later discovers dangerous secrets that could lead to her death. Sadie remains determined and keeps her tough personality while navigating this treacherous journey with intelligence and intuition.

Can these qualities be enough to save her while on the run?

If you are the fan of action-packed thrillers, you'll definitely love On the Run. Whether you're looking for a fast-paced read or something more detailed and intricate, you're sure to find what you're looking in this book!

The Lure, by S.W. Hubbard

In the Adirondack Mountain town, everyone closely guards the town’s secrets. Any outsider with crazy ideas is not welcomed. Police Chief Frank Bennet is swamped with work when some environmental activists show up in Trout Run.

They are on a quest to shut down a highly acclaimed tourist site- Raging Rapids. But Bennet thinks this is just noise until the group's leader has a bullet pointed at his heart.

Bennet now has to connect the dots on why this group is targeting Trout Run. He must also figure out how they are linked with a feral family living off the grid. As Bennet unravels the clues, he faces cash and power lures and must keep a happy family.

Bennet will have to navigate the strong intersection of greed and love. A single wrong turn may get those he cares for killed.

Silence in West Fork, by Lakota Grace

To what extent would you go when trying to protect someone you love? Would you interfere with evidence or even be prepared to commit arson?

Pegasus Quincy and Shepherd Malone are faced with some upcoming and tough choices. Shepherd’s daughter has just been caught red-handed holding a murder weapon.

Very little help will be attained following the lead detective’s problems. He will apply to the sheriff’s department. The only problem is that he conveniently fails to mention that he was involved in a fraud cloud leading to his termination in his former position.

He, however, must work out this case and go ahead with his life before he can be discovered. Meanwhile, Thorn Malone has everything more complicated after slipping out of custody and disappearing on Navajo Reservation. Pegasus must battle between her heart and head to solve Jill Rustaine’s murder case. Jill is another high-tech executive keeping murderous secrets.

When a Killer Calls, by John E. Douglas

Shari Smith is abducted right before graduating from high school on the driveway of her South Carolina family home. From the crime scene and the repetitive and taunting calls by the abductor to Shari’s family, law enforcers immediately realize that the criminal is very dangerous and sophisticated.

A letter with the title “Last Will & Testament” also arrives. Shari wrote it once she knew she was going to be killed. She expresses her love for her loved ones and reassures them that they will triumph.

Shari’s abduction rocks this quiet town and triggers a massive search and FBI intervention with John Douglas. The Smith family gets a phone call about where to find Shari’s body, but then Debra May also gets kidnapped. The harsh reality now dawns. A serial killer is evolving, and studying his criminal behavior is the only way to stop him. Douglas devises a risky strategy to use Shari’s sister as bait.

A Small Town, by Thomas Perry

Twelve conspirators carefully plan to open the prison gates they are being held in. They aim to allow the other convicts to escape and get to the small town nearby. However, these newly free prisoners will resolve in raping, murdering, and destroying the town’s property- houses and businesses. That’s when an intense search begins. But the twelve who devised the plan escape.

Two years go by, but all the efforts by federal police agencies and the town’s locals bear no fruits. The town’s mayor and city attorney organize a meet-up, and Leah Hawkins is also called in. She is a former resident good cop.

Leah is placed on a ruse sabbatical to travel the country and learn high-end police procedures, but her actual task is to track the twelve and kill them. When the twelve realize her mission, a killing race ensues.

Small Town Spin, by LynDee Walker

T.J has a plan for his life and might just be following his dad’s footsteps into glory. But all that ends when T.J’s dead body is found lying on the shoreline close to their Chesapeake Bay home.

T.J’s death springs a media frenzy in their usually serene community while his grieving parents seek the help of Nichelle Clarke. Nichelle is a crime reporter, and she agrees to write the tragic story.

However, as she analyzes the facts, she finds out shocking details. She will ask for help from the police department, her old beau Kyle, and Joey. Nichelle is convinced that the case involves some foul play and that the biggest secrets are hidden in things she shouldn’t be concerned with. With the evidence trail, she will realize this town is not innocent.


If you are looking for small town books with detective or police personalities, our recommended titles should have you hooked.

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