There are some sad facts about 2020s Coronavirus outbreak, and we understand if you want to understand the nature of these epidemics more, so we collected some interesting fiction books about epidemics and virus books. If you are looking for non-fiction book, please find them in our live updating article.

The Eyes of Darkness by Dean Koontz

This book is said to predict the coronavirus outbreak. Well we are sure Dean Koontz never wanted to be a visionary or at least not such a negative way, but one thing is sure there are a lot of similarities between this book's plot and the real life events happened in the past months. 

Pandemic by Robin Cook

We are a big Robin Cook fans here in our bookclub, we read a dozen of books from the author and I must say Pandemic wan't disappointed.

The main characters in this book are the couple Jack and Laurie Montgomery.  The story starts slow, and the climax was over rather quickly and simply. There were no difficulties as the protagonist tried to untangle himself from a sticky situation.

Life After COVID-19 by Isaac J. Reed

This novella happens in California where a young data scientist Grace Nguyen have to face with prejudice after the pandemic hits the town. Grace starts a search for her lost sister and meets new friends during her pathway. 

The book is somewhere between thriller and mystery, and the characters especially the sisters are very relatable. 

Blue Plague by Thomas A. Watson

A science fiction series (6 books) from the author Thomas A. Watson. A zombie themed book, with a lot of thrilling twists. Most of the post-apocalyptic zombie books aren't telling the story enough intelligently to be exciting for advanced readers. This book is different: good characters, engaging plot, and strong twists, worth a read.

Pandemic: Beginnings by Bobby Akart 

Bobby Akart has brought a terrifying book about a post-apocalyptic dystopian future, this time the cause of the end of the world is a pandemic (after all not a surprise reading this list).  The story starts too realistic, aftern knowing the current situation, I would say it was too obvious. The virus could spread with cough, sneeze, or simply pressing a door handle which brings the killer into your life. The characters in this story are brought to you in rich details. Not just actors in a play, but friends you know well, naighbours from your street. Reading this story makes you thrilled, terrified and disgusted.

The China Pandemic (Graham's Resolution Book 1) by A. R. Shaw

This is a book (and series) which is really hard to put down. The book is a apocalyptic fiction with a lot of technological gadgets.

A runaway virus has killed 95% of the world’s population. Survivors formed a group in order to fight against roving predators, both animal and human.

The only suspicious thing is in the book that there is still electricity, and everything is high-tech even if these are normal people with no technical background, how? Lights work, refrigerators and hot water just as usual. Apart from these facts the story is very good the character building is exceptional.


After collecting the above books, I feel myself almost ill, or at least ill from viruses. Several weeks ago we also wrote a list about medical thriller books, these are connected to the current list, so we don't wanted to do any repetition here. My personal thoughts about the current situation, that now at the beginning of March 2020, the coronavirus will be huge. I hope not in terms of mortal numbers, but in terms of economy. We all know somewhere that our socity is too money and economy centric, hence WE (people) are living in it. 80% of things which are important in life aren't related to money. We need to realize that, and not on the hard way. I wanted to say perseverance to all who affected in any ways of the outbreak, and precaution to those who are near to the infected states or countries. 

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