You are not selfish for taking care of yourself. You are not weak for setting boundaries. You are not a burden for needing help. You are human, and you deserve love—especially from yourself.

Do you often find yourself self-loathing and comparing yourself to others? Do you constantly seek approval from others to feel loved? Or do you seek ways to appear perfect because you are scared of how people will react to your flaws? Ask any psychologist or mental health coach, and they will probably tell you that you are struggling with self-love.

But did you know there is a chance to be that person who puts themselves first and is more resilient toward what the world throws? At the end of the day, you are the only one who can bring out the best version of yourself.

I have had my share of self-love struggles for a substantial time and can attest that it is not easy. The energy spent seeking approval, perfection, authenticity, and acceptance is draining. But one thing I can confirm is that books on self-love have been incredibly helpful. Below are my recommendations that have helped me put myself together.

What Are The Most Recommended Self-Love Books?

Lovefulness: Playbook for a Finer Life, by Jewel Nelson (2022)

Lovefulness: Playbook for a Finer Life is a remarkable guidebook about how to replace fear with self-love practically showing you how to raise your vibration to create a life you love. Refreshingly intelligible, this gem of a book gives readers life-changing practices and empowering action steps to help transform their lives into a more lovingly joyful way of being.

Those newly awakened to their divinity or seekers on a spiritual path will discover the universal truths to support their ability to create a better reality. I love how Jewel Nelson conveys the idea of love as our divine inheritance and the life-changing ways of GRACE: G for gratitude, R for reflection, A for awareness, C for choice, and E for expression. The relatable read covers different topics that will automatically boost your self-esteem and self-love.

You will love Jewel’s insights about discovering your most self-sabotaging patterns and how to break free from negative thought patterns that hinder self-growth and personal development. Jewel excellently harmonizes these practices providing a playbook on how to prosper and find freedom from anxiety to embrace self-love.

Extremely straightforward this ABC of spiritual wisdom will surely provide the sudden realization, enlightenment, and inspiration you are looking for. Readers will appreciate its practical yet profound practices to create a more love-filled and not fearful life, transform themselves, and make lasting changes.

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before?, by Dr. Julie Smith (2022)

This book is a delight, with excellent conversational dialogue and insights from a clinical psychologist and online sensation. Dr. Julie draws her insights from her years of experience to help us find a ground for navigating prevalent life challenges and caring for our mental health. Reading this book is like going for a free therapy session.

Dr. Julie tackles everyday issues, including anxiety, depression, and dealing with criticism. These are some main things that make us not love ourselves as we should. She also offers expert advice on building motivation and learning to forgive yourself using easy-to-digest entries that will help you quickly find guidance.

This book will teach you how your mind works and provide secrets to understanding its potential- you will find proven strategies for how the mind functions. Remember, the mind is a primary initiator for how we love ourselves.

This book proves that our emotions are not specific to us and that we can overcome them. It will help you recognize the numbing processes that often alleviate emotional biases that make us feel less worthy. Grab it for more relaxation, happiness, and enthusiasm for life, and watch yourself progressively change how you feel about yourself.

Self-Love Workbook for Black Women, by Rachel Johnson (2022)

Self-Love Workbook for Black Women is an incredible, unapologetic book that covers the struggle of black women regarding self-love. Rachel dismantles every barrier and shackle that keeps black women from embracing their whole selves. But this is not to say that this book cannot be helpful if you are a non-black woman. It is a healing journal with insights into being kind amid overwhelming daily circumstances.

Rachel has extensively researched self-love, and you will highly appreciate her therapeutic resources. They give you instructions to help you attain complete healing. This book also provides excellent empowering exercises and affirmations to help you cultivate your authentic inner self and strive to thrive.

It truly challenged me to look deep, be honest with myself, and give myself more grace through its writing prompts and critical themes. It can be a perfect gift for yourself or just about anyone you feel deserves a smile on their face and more self-appreciation.

I Love Me More, by Jenna Banks (2022)

I Love Me More is a guide to why it is essential first to love ourselves and how to get there. This should be Many of us have been conditioned to believe that loving ourselves is selfish, resulting in a greater desire of love from others and feeling whole outside ourselves. But I agree with Jenna. This shouldn't be the case.

In this book, she destroys some myths about how we need to relate ourselves to understand our worth. You will see how finding your worth by depending on approvals from others is not healthy and could deteriorate your true self.

Reading this book will help you know that you should not compromise your power by giving it away and that understanding your true self is the best thing you can do.

Jenna shares excellent tips, topics, and relatable examples to convey vital messages about living a fuller life and embracing our power and value. Her book echoes that we need to trust our intuition and sabotage self-love if we want to help ourselves and others.

The ABCs of Self Love, by Melody Godfred (2022)

The ABCs of Self Love is a true gem if you are looking for an uplifting guide about what self-love means. In this book, Melody fuses educational, inspirational, and practical insights to help you see why self-love is an instinctual entity of everyday life. Melody has supported thousands of people on their journey, and her discoveries are what make this book so refreshing.

You will enjoy the captivating tips and expert advice about organizing yourself to love yourself more. This book also implores us to focus on working on ourselves and also be appreciative of how far we have come. If you are about to make a life-changing decision, this book can also help you figure out what you want and guide you to take crucial actions.

Melody carefully illustrates different examples and journal prompts to assist you in setting boundaries, becoming authentic, learning the art of forgiveness, and progressing beyond perfection.

The ABCs of Self Love is a perfect combo for addressing relatable issues to shun away shame, guilt, and fear. Just what you need for a thorough gut check about what you need to improve on to acknowledge that you are special.

The 21-Day Self Love Challenge, by Sophia Taylor  (2022)

If you want to boost your self-confidence and refute negative thought patterns creeping into your life, this book is the right fit.

Sometimes it is not easy to accept our weaknesses and imperfect selves. But this book encourages and helps us see that we can transform into new beings who love and embrace everything about ourselves. Even the imperfections.

With social media pressure today, many of us lack self-esteem by constantly wanting to impress everybody. The world is also quick to call self–loving attributes arrogant. However, this book reminds us that we cannot pour love into others from an empty cup. It is for you if you are constantly uncertain about who you are or encourage negative self-talk, even unknowingly.

Before finishing this book, you will also learn how to cultivate new habits to boost how you love yourself, cut off toxic people, and the importance of taking care of your entire being. All these tips will encourage you to do more self-loving work for better personal development.

The Self Love Project, by Gabrielle G (2022)

The Self Love Project is among my favorite self-love books so far. Reading this book is like talking to a friend. I loved how Gabriele shares her personal story about how she got to learn that giving herself wholly to others without loving herself unconditionally was a painful experience. You will feel her vulnerability as you read along and stay hooked to every page of this book.

Realizing you are your perfect best friend is a great feeling. To love ourselves, we need to put a halt to looking for approval from others and comparing ourselves to who we formerly were. We evolve daily and shouldn’t focus entirely on the things we regret. Yes, they can be painful to remember, but we must grow.

Additional to Gabrielle’s story, this book also features journaling and meditation exercises to help you on your self-love journey. They will help you never feel rejected, unlovable, abandoned, or unworthy.

Take a leap of faith and journey with Gabrielle to discover your true self, change your story’s narrative, and fall in love with your whole self again.


Self-love books are some of the best tools you can use to boost how you feel about yourself and life in general. If you are struggling with loving yourself and don’t know where to start, you can pick any of my book recommendations above to begin your journey.

You will enjoy the advice and tips from experts, life coaches, and contributors who are incredibly versed on the issue. You may even relate to some of the stories and experiences, which will do you a solid.

If you are looking for more book on self-improvement, check out our favorite women's books.

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